Fashion Week RTW Illustrations

November 2, 2015

I’m always so inspired when I peruse through Vogue and check out fashion week. By nature, I am more of a couture kinda girl but this year I picked some of my favorite ready to wear collections to illustrate. Here goes .. Marchesa was stunning and had so many gorgeous textures especially the shimmery nude dress and the shaded pastel dress on the far left. I loved the rich, berry fuchsia hues too. I love the delicate, sheer layering and feminine romance of the Alexander McQueen RTW collection. This Chloe dress was one of my favorites. I love the unexpected […]


A Day in Bloomingdales Dubai

October 12, 2015

Exactly a year ago, I was asked to write and illustrate my very own children’s book exclusively for Bloomingdales Dubai. It was such an honor to be included and a really huuuge project for me! I was simply bursting with ideas! I wanted the book to be charming and colorful and it was very important for it to have a whimsical element even though it’s a promotional book. It’s a lighthearted novel that follows the protagonist Sophie, a little girl who accompanies her mum on a shopping trip into the iconic department store. Feeling dismayed and bored, Sophie falls into […]


Interview with my muse, Megan Hess

October 4, 2015

Megan Hess is one of my all time favorite fashion illustrators. Not only do her sketches exude sophistication but they represent a fantasy world that seduces me. All her illustrated models are long limbed and elegant in an almost otherwordly way. They’re impeccably dressed in the latest Dior and Chanel couture with full lips, seductive feline eyes and exemplify all the glamour of the Golden Hollywood Era. These illustrations aren’t just pretty pictures – they tell tales of luxurious lifestyles, much like a fashionable storybook would. Her models are often spotted nibbling on canapes at dinner parties with well dressed […]


eL Seed at the House of Bazaar

September 28, 2015

You know what’s cool? When two unexpected styles, flavors or moods mesh together and become something surprisingly complimentary. Arab calligraphy mixed with urban street graffiti are disciplines that are as different as chalk and cheese but by combining the two, revolutionary Tunisian artist eL Seed always manages to create an intricate, artistic harmony and a unique sense of freshness. His most famous artwork is the 2012 piece on a minaret of the Jara Mosque, which depicted a Quranic verse rendered in his famous Calligraffiti style. Since then, Seed’s art has been shown in exhibitions all over the world . His […]


Cairnie Fruit Farm

September 14, 2015

Here’s the thing about Scotland: when the sun comes out…civilians often panic. People run around in a frenzy trying to “catch” the sun, and frantically make plans that INCLUDE the sunny weather as if they are all on death row and this is the last time they will see sunlight ever again. This is because here in Scotland, you never know how long the sun will last and when it will hibernate again, so we never take it for granted. In fact, we are a nation of TRUE blue sun worshipers. On a particularly glorious and rare sun soaked afternoon […]


Come Rome With Me

August 31, 2015

You know that goosebumpy feeling you get when you look at a REALLY attractive man from across the room and literally SWOON and feel all giddy inside? Have you ever felt that sensation with a location? I have! Rome always manages to just DO it for me. I’m mystified why people claim Paris is the city of love. I beg to differ – for me it’s Rome. As an independent single woman, I feel like I don’t have to necessarily be in “amore” to appreciate the moon in the sky, looking like a big ol’ pizza pie! This is a […]