About Sara Japs

Sara Japanwalla is an artist and fashion illustrator who has worked with some of the industry’s leading names including Bloomingdales, Harvey Nichols and Estee Lauder among many more.

Born and educated in Scotland for over 20 years, she attended Leith School of Art where she did a foundation course in textiles, fine arts, sculptures and installations. She has a degree in Fashion Design and Technology, and has completed an intensive summer course on ancient painting techniques from the Michelangelo Institute in Florence, Italy.

More About Sara

Since beginning her career as a fashion illustrator in 2012, Sara Japanwalla has sought a way to merge her two loves, fashion and art. She has since created artful campaigns for luxury brands such as Bloomingdales, Rolls Royce, Harvey Nichols, YSL and Maserati. 

Her unique sketches are well recognized in Dubai.  She specializes in customized fashion illustrations that she creates for events, launches, hotels and restaurant openings. Sara  provides a unique live sketching experience for private parties as well as runway shows during Fashion Week.  She uses her social media to artistically depict stories filled with color, style and whimsy.

Make a Statement

Stand apart with Sara’s live sketches, product illustrations and more.