Art In The Time of Corona

Remember when we were all excited about expo 2020 and all the amazing opportunities it would offer us?!! Yeah, it turned out that this year sucks.

I’m quite a social person. I thrive on meeting up with friends and hanging out, talking face to face, so for me being cooped up is driving me nuts! The thing that really took a nosedive is events which really hurt all my live illustration projects.

I’ve been told that it’s never a good idea to coast on a trademark skill you are good at, so my advice for artists going through this rough patch is to do your best to adapt with the times. Art in the time of Corona has proved challenging and hasn’t been as interactive or as glam as it was. This is a perfect time to sign up to do some online art courses and learn a few new techniques and skills. Skillshare is amazing for that and so is Domestika. You get to pick the brains of the most incredible artists. So far, I’m loving the procreate classes. I don’t always feel motivated to do them but when I do learn a new style, its a fab feeling.

So what HAVE I been working on these days? Mainly custom illustrations. I’ve come up with this cute chubby looking style which works out pretty well and have been enjoying 5hese projects. I’m definitely gonna do this style more at family/kid related live events.

Here’s a few I did for father’s day.

This gorgeous fam lives in Thailand so I gave it a tropical look, since they are all about laid back, beach life.

I also did a couple of wedding and engagement invites. They gave me a sneak peak of their outfits and the venue and I used that as inspo. Check it out.

But you know what, let’s be real. Instagram misleads us to believe that absolutely everyone and their dog is being productive and some days you aren’t going to feel motivated or inspired.

Given the situation, that’s totally ok. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself days space out, cry, mope and throw tantrums. This is a highly uncertain time and we are all taking it one day at a time.