Tiger Translate

February 4, 2015

I don’t know if it’s something to do with getting older but sometimes, clubbing can be downright irritating. I find there are generally two camps – the obnoxious, pretentious,stuffy crowd or the overtly rowdy hooligans! Tiger Translate, however – that’s a different story. I met an acquaintance there and asked what he thought of the event. Bewildered and beffudled, he answered “I don’t know, Sara. It’s cool but it’s such an absolute RANDOM mix of people. It’s a bit bizarre.” Ah, but that is precisely WHY I like it. Bankers hanging out with hipsters; bourgeois hanging out with the elite. […]


Wings, Rings and Delicious Things

January 23, 2015

Ever had one of those days where you don’t fancy getting dressed to the absolute nines? In fact, let’s be honest, the truth is sometimes you yearn to shed that uncomfortably tight Herve Leger bandage dress for some slouchy boyfriend jeans, kind of like a butterfly from a restrictive cocoon. How about ditching that pretentious salad fork and those meagre canape portions for some simple, good old-fashioned, finger lickin’ grub that puts a smile on your face whilst keeping your stomach full and satisfied? You feel me? Well, I’ve got JUST the place for you! Original Wings and Rings in […]

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Winter Wedding Bells

January 17, 2015

This winter, I made a trip to Pakistan to attend my cousin’s wedding. I had an amazing break spending quality time with my family! The ceremony was gorgeous with various events and functions leading up to the main reception. One of these was a ladies “milad” which is a traditional event where a selection of religious hymns/poetry readings are performed at someones house and all the ladies are invited to listen to them. It’s considered auspicious to have this before the wedding to bless the new bride and groom. After that, people chill out, mingle, have lunch and cake pops […]

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Gallery hopping in Pakistan

January 9, 2015

I’m currently in Pakistan for a family wedding and now that the chaotic dust has settled, I finally got a chance to cruise a few galleries in the city with a talented native artist who, as an insider, knows all the ropes and kindly showed me around. I’ve always had a soft corner for Pakistani art and have been meaning to do a blog post on galleries in Karachi for a while now, so here goes … Our first stop was Canvas Gallery, where world renowned Pakistani photographer Arif Mahmood’s solo show, “Cross Roads” was taking place. Mahmood’s photography has […]

A.Q Arif

I finally #foundsalt

January 7, 2015

Have you noticed that ever since the movie “Chef”, food trucks are all the rage in Dubai and casual stalls and trucks have been popping up a lot lately? From dutch mini pancake stalls to fish n chips on the go, I’m loving this new relaxed, casual dining renaissance goin’ on. Its fun to switch it up now and then and makes a cooler, laid back change from your standard La Petite Maison brunch. Enter Salt – the name is simple, concise and generates a bit of mystery. Everyone and their Grandma has been positively raving about Salt. “Have you […]

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Golden Afternoons at Anantara Resort

December 25, 2014

Let’s face it. Scrolling down your Facebook feed and constantly seeing people coupled up and blissful can be a lonely experience when you are single. Particularly during the holidays. Craving a bit of romance, I was inspired to take myself on a “date” one beautiful and sunny afternoon. The weather in Dubai is GORGEOUS right now so I thought I’d make the most of it! After all, why should beautiful venues be reserved solely for a date with a man?! I made a reservation on a whim to a place I’ve always wanted to spend time but never seemed to […]

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