Wings, Rings and Delicious Things

Ever had one of those days where you don’t fancy getting dressed to the absolute nines? In fact, let’s be honest, the truth is sometimes you yearn to shed that uncomfortably tight Herve Leger bandage dress for some slouchy boyfriend jeans, kind of like a butterfly from a restrictive cocoon.

How about ditching that pretentious salad fork and those meagre canape portions for some simple, good old-fashioned, finger lickin’ grub that puts a smile on your face whilst keeping your stomach full and satisfied?

You feel me? Well, I’ve got JUST the place for you! Original Wings and Rings in DIFC is the perfect casual place for a hearty meal guaranteed to satisfy your taste-buds. It’s got a lively, informal, no muss no fuss atmosphere – just like the Cheers theme song, it’s “where everybody knows your name” (or they will do, because you’ll keep comin’ back)

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Last weekend, I was invited to sample their delicious Friday brunch, so I took my best friend who is somewhat of a barbecue aficionado and we made a trip there to investigate the menu.

What I really liked about the atmosphere was that even though it’s a sports bar, it’s noisy enough to be vibrant and charming, yet it’s not overly rowdy. It’s also a great place to take a family, as they have booths too as well as the bar.

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I’d imagine that it would be a great atmosphere to watch a football game and if you feel bitten by the competitive bug, you can even play a spot of foosball!

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Because of the name of the restaurant, I felt compelled to sample their onion rings and famous barbecue wings. In addition to this, I went all out and ordered cheese quesadillas, curly fries and a cheeky wee slider too for good measure!

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Screen shot 2015-01-23 at 1.05.36 AM

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The onion rings were GARGANTUAN!!! Holy Moly!!! Just check out this pyramid that arrived at my table!! The taste was quite perfect – just the right balance of sweet on the inside with a crunchy, crispy batter. Just make sure you’re feeling extremely greedy before you order these!

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Now, the cheese quesadillas and slider were great but what really blew me away were the WINGS.

These buffalo wings were outstanding! There were eight flavors to choose from so clearly they’re crowd pleasers. You don’t have to be Miss Marple to figure out why; it’s because they are amazing!!! We tried the “crazy” sauce which was a harmonious hybrid of barbecue and garlic sauce.


What’s nice about these is that you have the option of having them either on the bone or boneless so you can enjoy the wings without being discouraged about the potential messiness. This option is perfect for when you want to order wings on a date and you don’t want to scare the guy off too early by looking like an absolute savage when you attack them (plenty of time for that later)

As great as the rest of the food was, next time I’ll skip everything and go STRAIGHT for the wings in an assortment of flavors and I highly recommend you do the same! By the end of the afternoon, we were so full that we practically rolled out of the bar into our cars – giddy from our gluttonous food induced coma.

If I had to sum up the experience, it was “Phenomenom ..nom..nom” (new word – just like “fetch” I’m tryin’ to make it happen!)

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