What Kind of Dubai Trend Are You?

I love how in Dubai, you can never be too overdressed no matter WHERE you go. For a girl like me who loves to play dress up – that is an advantage. This city is so full of interesting characters and trends that I thought it would be fun to illustrate some of the fads and styles I’ve spotted just for a comical post.


The Bruncher’s uniform is almost always a brightly colored, uncomfortably tight Herve Leger bandage dress. The look is adorned with an impeccable backcombed blow dry. Brunchers totter around in 7 inch stilettos no matter what time of day or night it is and always appears to look like they are going clubbing.

Their favorite haunts are pretentious 600+ aed brunchy places where they can capture selfies of of their perfectly contoured cheekbones as well as photographs of a brunch they pretended to eat. #youdidnoteatthat


The Brand Lover just LOVES brands. Just a little TOO much – particularly where monograms are concerned. Less is NOT more. In fact…MORE is more. More Gucci, Chanel, Prada and Versace. Simultaneously.


Ladylike is always prim and proper and likes to play it safe in a midi skirt and lace Bardot top. Wether they are going to Nasimi, Ripe market or LuLu center – there they will be …all sweetness and light in a flouncy, girly Betty Draper skirt.


The trend slave loves to scour unique pop up shops, online stores and popular Jumeirah boutiques to find something offbeat and quirky to wear..such as a clutch with giant, bejeweled eyes on it or a blazer made from neon plastic. The pieces are not always pretty or flattering and often hideously overpriced but a trend slave’s thirst for the unusual is only quenched with the downright eccentric.


Cosmic Chic have a star trekky, futuristic, cool vibe going on. They’re normally svelte and slender editors or interior designers and their hobbies include browsing art events and socializing at lounges or attending launches of underground, grungier designers. Their hair is edgy and modern like a sharp bob/lob or a dramatic top knot and maybe some clark kent like glasses. They like silhouettes that experiment with volume and bold accessories that play with structure and have architectural elements.


The yogi loves to lounge around in trendy sportswear clothes – EVEN if she’s not at the gym BUT her sportswear looks so good anyway, especially on her limber body so … if you’ve got it flaunt it right? #yogiyolo Yogis usually hang out in packs and live in the suburbs where they meet up for kale smoothies before a school run. A yogi is not to be confused with a juicy – who is similar but a much more outdated version always in juicy couture track tracksuits – especially in malls.


And finally the MISGUIDED boho. Someone who thinks they are being very artistic and bohemian by layering up fabrics ANY which way in a jumble buuuuuut not quite pulling it off and looking more like a hobo than boho.

SO…Which one do you fall under? Do you know or recognize anyone like this??