Edgy Blazers

I can’t get enough of blazers. There is a smorgasbord of varieties out there – embellished, fitted, slouchy, short, long, monochrome or pastels. I love ‘em all! A well fitted blazer is so versatile and can be worn in so many different ways. I like to go for ones with unique design features such as a leather trimmed lapel, eye catching studs as an embellishment or an ever so slight puff on the sleeve. Pastel blazers look great for a nostalgic 80s take, as long as you don’t make the mistake of going too sweet and demure and marshmallow-esque – unless you are twelve, or purposley trying out a japanese kawaii look. Pastel blazers should be mixed with other colours/ interesting prints or conversational jewellery to give the look a more contemporary feel. To avoid looking like you work at a musuem, I would recommend rolling up the sleeves and keeping it unbuttoned. Hair looks great loose and feminine to soften the corporate feel of a blazer but I also really like big oversized arty messy buns with quirky things like chopsticks for a more busy editor/journalist look.

Vibrant Colour blocking is very cool in a Miami Vice Chic kind of way – especially with a flash of neons. The neon colour block trend is a huge in Dubai, with many designers and bloggers in the fashion industry styling their blazers with fluorescent shoes, cambridge satchels and silk scarves with skulls on them. I appreciate this trend very much but personally stay clear of it as i’ve seen it around too much. I do love the cambridge satchel, though – especially the new pastel shade limited edition versions. Adorable!

I also love it when people wear t shirts underneath blazers that give hints about their personality and what they’re into such as favorite bands, nostalgic 80s cartoon etc.. its a great conversation starter and a very cool way to incorporate something personal like memorabilia but make it look stylish and wearable.

Native American Prints

I love tribal atzec inspired prints and the native american trend overall. I love the eclectic mix of details like fringing, suede and especially feathers. The combination of a rich neutral taupes, camels, and rusts broken up and paired with opulent turqoise, sapphires/peacock shades as an accent is very pleasing to the eye. Mixing textures and layering fabrics is also a great way to mimic this look – like a suede fringed vest or a leather bomber jacket. Someone who does this very well is Aria from Pretty Little Liars … the way she mixes fabrics and feathers always looks interesting, arty, quirky and always feminine.

Theres a skill to it though – only two design elements at a time … otherwise you could look less like a trend and more like a Pocahontas costume.

Metallic Knits

Subtle bling needn’t only be acceptable at night at more formal events. On the contraire – nothing is cooler than a woman who breezes through a coffee shop wearing a slouchy, off-the shoulder metallic knit casually and with an air of confidence – in a shade like gunmetal or a nudey beige. Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl is the queen of carrying a metallic knit with panaache. Chanel like metallic knits are great, with metallic yarns woven into the fabric and with couture like details such as a bit of fringing on the sleeves

There is definetley a formula to get this look nailed properly – if you are going for sequins, then they should be extremley tiny and sparsely distributed – giving just a subtle glimmer rather than looking like an all-out ostentatious disco ball. There are many different ways to rock a metallic daytime look – wether you choose to opt for just a flash of it such as a metallic singlet under a blazer for an edgier look or a bejewelled cardigan paired with city shorts keeping it understated and subtle is key. Slouchy crescent hobo shaped bags go great with metallic knits and jewellery should be kept to a minimum – let the sparkles do all the talking.

As Richard Gere says (or rather sings) in Chicago “Give em an act with lots of flash in it and the reaction will be passionate.”