Treasure Trove Trunk Show

Valentine’s day is around the corner and even though that’s exciting, what really makes MY pulse quicken and weak in the knees is some breathtaking art! EVEN better if it’s an unconventional exhibition liiiiiike a pop up for instance.

It’s no secret that I have a penchant for Pakistani art and after browsing through Instagram, I learned that Treasure Trove is hosting a special trunk show at Ensemble on the 13th of February.

Just like their name suggests, the event IS indeed a treasure trove consisting of limited edition paintings by renowned artists, ornate tapestries as well as unique, hand embroidered furnishings – it appears to be a goldmine of gorgeous. I have my eye on these stunning beaten metal and semi precious stone clutches by designers Farah Talib Aziz and Misha Lakhani.



The trunk show will consist of legendary artists and brands such as Jamil Naqsh, Saeed Akhtar, Raja Changez Sultan, Abbas Carpets, Misha Lakhani, Mansoor Rahi, Aurum, M.A Bukhari, Mansur Aye, A.S Rind, Hajra Mansoor, A.Q Arif, Salman Farooqi, Lyrical Thoughts, Mashkoor Raza, Krizmah, Abrar Ahmed, Farah Talib Aziz, Leena Ghani, Akram Spaul, Akbar Hafeez and Khusro Subzwari.

Be sure to check out House of Cali. The designer is a friend of mine who creates phenomenal, artistic limited edition cushions inspired by some of the world’s most famous paintings. Each stroke of the brush is skilfully re-interpreted in thread.



A.S Rind is the famous creator of metallic faces of long-necked ethnic women and also known as one of Pakistan’s most brilliant artists.


image3 (1)

It seems that talent runs in the family. Noshi is Rind’s daughter with a very distinct style of her own. I love the texture and striking use of color in her work.


Abrar Ahmed is a self taught artist inspired by the works of Sadequain and Gulgee. He freely delves into the romance of classical miniature painting, and fuses contemporary styles with stunning results.


image3 (1)

There’s something hauntingly beautiful and mysterious about Raja Changez Sultan’s work. His paintings have a dissolving, dreamlike quality.

image1 (1)


Hajra Mansur is one of my favorite artists – her feminine, fairytale style and romance of the orient is what drew me to illustration.

image1 (1)


There you have it. A few pieces to keep your eye on. Perhaps you should go to the the show with your significant other and convince them to get you a little something. After all, who needs heart shaped chocolates when you can have art. Ammiright?