Tiger Translate

I don’t know if it’s something to do with getting older but sometimes, clubbing can be downright irritating. I find there are generally two camps – the obnoxious, pretentious,stuffy crowd or the overtly rowdy hooligans!

Tiger Translate, however – that’s a different story.


I met an acquaintance there and asked what he thought of the event.

Bewildered and beffudled, he answered “I don’t know, Sara. It’s cool but it’s such an absolute RANDOM mix of people. It’s a bit bizarre.”


Ah, but that is precisely WHY I like it. Bankers hanging out with hipsters; bourgeois hanging out with the elite. There are no rules, no snobbery. Viva la Revolución!!!

Artistic, action packed and chilled out, there’s always something to see.


Clearly, it’s popularity is growing because this year Tiger Translate hosted an impressive crowd of over 5000 enthusiasts during its 3rd edition held at Zero Gravity.

The event that was themed as “Uncage the Tiger” this year, featured a talented array of local and international artists who collaborated across different artistic disciplines to create live art magic. The 7 hour long music marathon featured an amazing mix of talent and genres. The capacity crowd was entertained all night by a progressive set by DJ Kung Foo Panda, live music by Bull Funk Zoo, vocal ensemble by Beat Box Ray and live video and graphics mixing by VJ Fusion.

The event also featured a live art showdown named “Art of War” where the crowd cheered two live artists as they created a live ensemble of colors within 90 minutes. The art battle resulted as a tie based on public vote.




Tiger Translate began an online movement that gathered a diverse cross section of UAE’s Art & Music community and embedded the event as an integral showcase of Dubai’s Music and Arts scene.

“The event has surely grown year on year but the response we have received this year goes beyond organic. The feedback from all visitors has been phenomenal and we are delighted with the level of involvement that the global music and arts community displayed, moving the event in the direction of a true music and arts community.” said Shyam Allam – Senior Brand Manager Tiger – UAE.


If that wasn’t exciting enough, you could spray paint your own cap. How dope is THAT? Here’s my own bespoke cap made lovingly by my BFF, who calls me by my nickname “Japs.”

The photo is fuzzy and pixilated but consider it a dip into my daydream.


Great night. Random …but great.