The Woman, The Myth, The Mystery ...

The intriguing title of my blog post is enough to make you curious, isn’t it?

Allow me to unravel a bit of the mystery for you …

On June the 12th, Opera Gallery Group celebrated their 20th anniversary by showcasing an exhibition of works by world renowned French artist, Jean-Pierre-Roussey.




It seemed particularly fitting for this artist to be highlighted for this occasion as his masterpieces are consistently sought after and he has always played a prominent artistic role in the history of Opera Gallery.

While exploring the space at the exhibition, I had a chat with gallery manager Annamaria Bersani.

“It is Opera Gallery’s great joy to invite the public to discover an artist whose work is constantly evolving, and offers such a precise and accomplished rendering.” she said with pride as she showed me some of his stunning pieces.


I was instantly hooked on his highly distinctive style. It’s very illustrative in its nature and has so much movement with its vibrant, multi layered appearance.

His work has a grandiose, gilded appearance and he often uses gold leaf to depict metallic surfaces, particularly when painting intricate theatrical costumes.


I love how the artist takes inspiration from different civilizations, folklore and mythology. The Far East, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance are very apparent influences and each piece is so alive and tells stories of romance, samurai soldiers and mysterious lands.







I was particularly delighted with the entertainment; the artist’s dynamic pieces were complemented with a mesmerizing performance by flamenco dancer Raquel Reina. Her passionate and graceful moves were beguiling especially in a formal environment such as a gallery. It was so unexpected and fresh!


We were also served an array of very palatable hors d’oeuvres and decadent dessert pots.


So, there you have it. The evening was filled with drama, beauty, sophistication, spontaneity and intrigue. Coincidentally, all the components of a good mystery! :)