The hills are alive with the sights of Salzburg

Hands up if you’ve pretended you were Liesl from the Sound of Music when you were a kid, often LEAPING off benches attempting to re-enact the dance scene from “I am 16??”


NO???? Just me then???

NAH. I’m not convinced. Nice try but I KNOW you did it.

It’s an oldie but a classic; the timeless tale of a chirpy, free spirited nun in Austria who is hired as a governess for the Von Trapp family. She later falls in love with Captain Von Trapp and yada yada …we all know what happens next, everyone’s watched The Sound of Music. Duh.

Anyway, when we visited Salzburg the very FIRST thing we did was go on the famous Sound of Music Tour. Our tour guide was so witty, unpredictable and offbeat that he was way better than most stand up comedians! It was really interesting to learn little bits of trivia about the production of the movie.

Here’s the church where captain Von Trapp and Maria got married in the film.

Screen shot 2014-09-28 at 11.17.12 PM

And the inside of it …


During the 3 hour tour, we got to see where some of the most famous scenes from the movie were filmed such as the outside of the house where all the children were climbing on trees as well as THE very same lake which they all fell out of the boat.


The Mirabelle Gardens where Do-Re-Mi was filmed.


Dem LIVELY HILLS … where Julie Andrew TWIRLS around melodramatically at the very beginning of the movie in that famous panoramic shot.


AND of COURSE…the gazebo where “I am 16″ was filmed. If it looks much smaller that’s because..IT IS!!! The dancing scenes were filmed in a much larger replica gazebo in Hollywood, but the scenes shot outside were of this very one.


The next day, we went for an excursion to Eagle’s Nest which is the name of Hitler’s summer home and headquarters, considered to be a feat of engineering. Perched at 1.834 m (6.017 ft), the building itself was a project of Martin Bormann’s and given to Adolf Hitler for his 50th birthday as a teahouse for diplomats.

Driving higher and higher in those mountain buses you can actually feel your ears pop repeatedly because of the altitude and you have to go through a long tunnel and into a luxurious brass elevator allllllllll the way to the top. It’s worth it though …

Screen shot 2014-09-29 at 12.23.35 AM



Because the view is spectacular!



The Eagle’s Nest remained unscathed from the bombing of the Allied Forces during WWII. Since 1952 it has been open to the public as a mountain top restaurant.




Thirsty for some MORE adventure … my two gutsy companions decided to go on a trek up the Austrian mountains to see the ice caves, high above the village of Werfen. This is when I opted out. I hate ice. I’m like that character, Sanka from the movie Cool Runnings who detests the cold. (If you’re a 90′s kid you’ll know what I mean). “ICEE?!?!?!?!?!?!?”

However, I was rather impressed with these stunning photographs they took..






The World of Ice Giants, discovered in 1879, is a an incredibly dynamic cave. The corridors and the crevices connect lower lying entrances to higher openings, making it possible for draughts of air to circulate – similar to the effect in a chimney.

During spring, melt water seeps through the cracks in the rock and when it reaches the still cold and frozen lower areas of the caves it freezes and turns slowly into these remarkable magical ice formations visible inside the caves.


Well … It’s been fun, Salzburg … but so long …. farewell …

AUF WIEDEREHEN goodbye!!! (insert dorky tune here and skips off stage)