The creation of Miss X

A couple of weeks ago I got a request from Grazia Magazine Middle East to create a mysterious character called “Miss X.”
Miss X is a brand new addition to the magazine and she is is an anonymous sophisticated character who covers all the parties and exclusive events that are happening here in the UAE..sort of like the Gossip girl of Dubai. Fabulous darling!

I was thrilled to tackle the brief and I’m happy to report that Miss X made her very first appearance in Grazia magazine this week so watch out for her as she is hopefully here to stay!

Here is my initial sketch of Miss X. I thought it was very important to make her appear modern and glamorous so for her ensemble I designed a contemporary and chic one-shouldered peplum dress and for a little extra edgyness I gave her fishnet stockings .. just to be a little cheeky and unpredictable! To fit in with the whole anonymous idea she dons a pair of catt wing sunglasses to give her an air of mystery.

And HERE she is appearing in Grazia. As you can see, they decided to choose more of a monochrome palette rather than colour and have flipped her on the other side to go with the layout, but I am very pleased with the overall look and it was very exciting working on a character who will be regular in Grazia from now on!! yay!!

cover for grazia