Fashion tips for when you feel "meh"

We all know that every body is beautiful and there is no “ideal” figure…it’s all about self esteem yada yada yada but no matter how body positive you are, at some point you MIGHT feel stuck in a rut and “meh.”

Maybe it’s after having a baby or monthly bloating or putting on the dreaded “Dubai stone” after moving here.

With your extra unfamiliar lbs, you grab the first baggy shirt and look wistfully at cute summer dresses with a dose of self loathing about your lack of willpower. Sound familiar? What if I told you that you could wear almost any style, as long as you adapted it to your shape? It’s all about adaptions and highlighting your best features. EVERYONE has great features no matter what size they are. Look in the mirror and assess beyond just your shape. It could be your shapely calves, cute disney princess like ankles or great collarbones. Ask a friend if you’re stuck.

A dress shape I’m loving right now that suits most shapes is a swing dress. If you’re feeling meh about your love handles and what not but you have great calves go for this shape. The most important thing to remember is the length and the fabric. Unless, you are very tall it HAS to be short – a few inches above the knee OR the extra fabric will shorten your legs. Always go for a soft, limp and flowing fabric.





The off the shoulder style is perfect for showing off shoulders – and almost all women have pretty shoulders. If you’re feeling meh about your stomach or thighs, why not display those gorgeous shoulders and collarbones and bring attention to your face? Even if your shoulders are more rounded it still looks ultra feminine and soft. You can’t go wrong – just find the best length that suits you.







Again, choose a non stiff fabric. Stiff fabrics are not your pal. Leave the structured fabrics to twiggy, waif like girls. Same goes for gathers – fewer gathers in a limp fabric. Personally I think box pleats are always preferable to gathers.

I used to always go for a skater style dress, because that is generally what is the most flattering – BUT I’m asking you to reconsider the drop waist. No definition on the waist will skim any curves and sometimes that is just what you need to keep your pizza baby mysteriously concealed. Check out these styles.





Polo necks, boat necks and ruffles are great for if you are flat chested – BUT don’t rule out ruffles if you have a full bust either. Just go for limp flowing fabrics and LESS ruffles.



If you have a great top half but feel meh about the bottom, you could go for an ultra flattering midi skirt with a fitted tops. Very Grace Kelly. As you can see, midis suit everyone – but the more voluptuous you are, go longer to balance it out.







And finally, when all else fails – you can always count on a maxi dress and a huge hat – hats will make you feel fabulous and will transform any meh and will give you a much needed spring in your step.