Summer studio workshop at Harvey Nichols

I love to teach illustration but don’t always get the opportunity due to being swamped with projects buuuuut when Harvey Nichols approached me and asked me to be part of their Summer Studio line up, I couldn’t resist!


This Summer, Harvey Nichols Dubai had a series of interactive workshops which included photography, fashion and styling. If the classes weren’t enticing enough,all guests who attended each received a AED200 complimentary voucher to use in the store’s Beauty Department..AND the classes were free! Pretty great trade off if you ask me. Nice one, Harvey Nichs.

I hosted two workshops in June and July where I taught the basics of fashion illustration. It was a great set up complete with lots of artistic looking easels lined up, watercolors and some basic illustration templates to get started. For two nights, the store looked just like a live demo at an art college!!! The turn out for each class was great, ranging from 30-50 students per session. The energy was incredible.


What I wanted to achieve in the workshops was how to get started with illustration – lots of people find it overwhelming and daunting to begin sketching and so the use of templates made it a lot easier to jump start and to get the creative juices flowing. Having a pre drawn template in front of them helped people to see past technical proportions and to embrace the spirit of art and to get inspired, which is what it’s all about!

In the hour long session, I covered elements like line variation, watercolor techniques and figure proportions. I also included a brief overview of how to render fabrics, suggest busy patterns/textures and how to create a simplified face. Here’s a few photos of the class.




And heres a few photos on social media from my students.


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Many people have asked if I will teach another class and as of now it isn’t in my schedule, however I suggest you follow my social media handles to stay updated! I know lots of parents have asked me how I got started and what colleges I would recommend. I would actually recommend online classes for drawing and fashion illustration. There are some great video tutorials online which you can buy, where you download the video and practice the techniques at your own leisure. I’ve done a few myself and found it very helpful. I will go into detail about this in a future blog post, but in the meantime, start with They have a great variation of online classes from knitting to drawing on location! If digital illustration is more your thing, I would recommend night classes at SAE institute in Knowledge Village.

Did you attend the classes? I would love to hear from you! Drop me a comment below to say hello!!!

Happy sketching!