S*uce Micaroon Launch




I’m sure you’ve all heard the old fridge magnet phrase which goes something like “I’ve never met a chocolate I didn’t like.” Well … chocolates are okay, but I definitely have never “met” a S*uce party I didn’t like.

For instance, the S*uce in the Hood launch a couple of weeks ago was youthful, entertaining and an all round riot. (the good kind!) I really enjoyed the music, watching the break dancers’ smooth moves and not to mention sinking my teeth into the crisp cinnamon crunchyness of a perfectly baked churro. Ah .. magnifico!

I was truly stoked about this party in particular because my friend (and my very FIRST client) Rima Khoreibi was launching her very own make up line called Micaroons. The adorable brand name is derived from the fact that the make up cases are all shaped like Macaroons. They’re available in tiny little sizes in an assortment of pastel colours.



I’m sure in the past, you’ve cooed over how gorgeous your macaroon is and how it’s almost too pretty to eat. Well, now with Rima’s line, you can keep these cute Laduree-esque things and use as both a pretty memento AND a conveniently sized gloss that won’t bulk up your clutch on a night out! Perfect!

I went with my sister to the S*uce Micaroon launch at The Village Mall, Jumeirah to check out the new range and bask (unashamedly) in the warm glow of pink girlie-ness. They had me at “make-over.”



To paint you a little picture of the scene of the launch – there were snack trays full of citrus bright macaroons and edible white chocolate “lipsticks” (genius).


Felt a little weird chowing down on lipstick - but "YOLO!"

Felt a little weird chowing down on lipstick – but “YOLO!”

Ther was also some neon hair chalk for adding a flash of colour on your tresses without the commitment and stick-on tattoos, so you can get your inner suicide girl on. Will you just look at those “goods.”


Like two over-excited preteens at a fun fair, we couldn’t wait to try it all out! First, the hair. I went for dark violet shades on the tips of my burgundy hair whilst my sister opted for streaks of magenta ala Jem and the Holograms. Here’s some photos of the event and what mischief got up to that glorious afternoon.



Check out the tattoo!


Artistic AND delicious.



And the taste? Her face says it all.


And here she is, the hostess with the mostess, herself. Rima is very influenced by all things cute, quirky and “kawaii” and I loved her Japanese street style outfit she sported that day complete with beaded kitty ears! She really pulls it off with a kitsch flair!



And finally, here is an illustration I drew inspired by all the activity that went on at the make-up launch. Micaroons really is a brand that sticks in your head as something unique, pretty and with a child-like whimsical nostalgia that is just wonderful! Congrats on your launch, Rima! xoxo