Rummaging through Sophie's Closet

Those who know me well are fully aware that I’ve never met a jewellery souk I did not like. I’m often found ooh-ing and aah-ing overzealously near jewellery carts, trying on big chunky rings.



The ladies are modeling opulent kaftans by Latifa Al Shamsi

The ladies are modeling opulent kaftans by Latifa Al Shamsi

Sophie’s Closet is a popular website that sells an assortment of some of the most unique and luxurious collections of accessories. They were organising a special pop up shop for Ramadan in JLT. To me, an evening admiring trinkets and treasures post Iftar sounded just what the doctor ordered. Too tempting of an offer to miss. Speaking of tempting, feast your eyes on these sweet little treats ….



As you can see, they ensured we were properly fed and nourished for the occasion.

Sophie’s closet has some of the most sought after luxury pieces available. Shourouk is an example of one of these. It’s a French company, famous for their signature vibrant statement necklaces seen on a number of celebrities.



Ciner is an American brand from that is famous for creating costume jewellery, particularly the signature bejeweled frogs which come in the form of various brooches and bracelets. Hollywood starlet Elizabeth Taylor was famously known to be very fond of these. Sophie collaborated with Ciner in New York by creating an exclusive handmade collection designed by her. It features a fusion of classical shapes and designs merged with contemporary and delicious colours.


My FAAAAVORITE part of the launch, though, was their amazing vintage jewellery section right at the back featuring a delightful smorgasbord of one of a kind pieces by Dior, Yves Saint Lauren and of course, Chanel.




I was totally coveting the big circular gold Chanel rope brooch. How wonderful would THAT look on a navy nautical blazer? OOoft!


A lovely evening full of cupcakes, baubles, beads.


Trying on elaborate headpieces.  Very Gatsby!

Trying on elaborate headpieces. Very Gatsby!

Playing dress up isn’t just for little girls, however it never hurt anyone to start early as demonstrated by this enthusiastic little cutie!