Rose de Vauville Exhibition

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When you think about vintage French couture what does your mind tend to conjure up? Gloves? Hats? Women tottering around impeccably dressed in opulent finery? Well, that is exactly what Parisian artist Rose de Vauville has managed to capture in her new art exhibition at 1×1 Art Gallery, Al Quoz.

Her beautiful tactile images mix high fashion photography with feathers, fabrics and flowers finished off with sparkling brooches and jewellery.

The end result? Decadent artwork that oozes Parisian glamour from every corner!

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Personally, my favorite pieces are the veiled ones that lend an air of aristocratic mystery and refinement. I find them so romantic, as if they were from another time!

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Of course, the artist wasn’t just observing couture from the sidelines! Au Contraire, Rose lives and breathes couture for she has worked with some of the world’s most iconic fashion designers including Christian Dior, Maison Guerlain, Balmain and Maison Ungaro to name a few.

Not only does the artist possess a great deal of knowledge in haute couture, she is also well rehearsed in textiles as she currently heads the silk work department at the luxury house of Christian Dior. It certainly shows; while browsing through her pieces it is clear that her eye for fabric is remarkable!

As a design begins to formulate, the artist painstakingly selects the finest materials – taffeta, chiffon, satin, jacquard print or embroidered silk. Once this orchestra of ingredients has been drawn together, the piece is then lovingly created by hand, combining many rare, historical techniques that Rose intends to preserve.

Inspiration for her work comes from her extensive travel experience, from the colorful weaved textiles of Africa to the traditions of silk craft from the Far East.

As you can see, this exhibition was a perfect combination of art and fashion – my two passions!! As a fashion illustrator, it was right up my alley!! I had the pleasure of interviewing the artist to learn more about her creative process and her unique artwork. Here’s what she had to say …

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You’ve had a very interesting evolution, working at international luxury couture houses as well as your collaborations with luxury brands and designers. That sounds like quite a dream, for many people!

I must admit that luck has a lot to do with it. I am very grateful to have found myself in the right places at the right times

Could you tell us about a couple of your most memorable projects or collaborations during your career?

One project I have very fond memories of comes from my time at Guerlain. Following the success of a series of accessories I had created, I was asked to design a collection of silk scarves. I adore the femininity and beautiful aesthetic of this maison and I was particularly fascinated by their fantastic bottles, which I was able to incorporate into the silk design.

My second example comes from my time working at Christian Dior. This Maison has such a wonderful rhythm of highly creative collections. I learned so much working under the creative direction of John Galiano from the history and techniques of high fashion

Feathers, frills and flowers ..Oh, my!

Feathers, frills and flowers ..Oh, my!

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What it is about vintage Parisian fashion in particular that captivates you?

It’s the amazing creativity; the designs are so marvelously beautiful. The 1930s to 1950s were really the golden age of Parisian elegance. The dresses with such refinement, accessorized with fascinators, extravagant brooches and pearls.



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What are your style staples regarding your own personal wardrobe?
Always black, high heels, dresses of the unique 1950s style

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Lastly, what are your thoughts about women from Dubai and their sense of style?

Ladies from Dubai are very classy and elegant. I admire their ability to combine multiple styles at the same time which takes a great deal of good taste to achieve. And with Dubai being such a world class shopping destination there is everything available on the doorstep!

The pieces will be available for sale and viewing in 1×1 Art Gallery, Al Quoz from the 15th to the 28th February.

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