Release of Princess Charleston and the Isle of Palms

And now for something COMPLETLEY different …

I’m super excited this week as my very first children’s book I have illustrated is releasing very soon in America!!! It was a wonderful project to work on and in order to let everyone know what the book is all about,just in time for the release I have decided to interview on my blog dedicated to the very talented and imaginative author of the project – Kelly Sheehy Degroot.

Can you tell us what the book is about ?

The book is about a young princess who lives on an island called the Isle of Palms. She is a caring young girl who protects the animals of the island. The story is an entertaining tale with beautiful illustrations that helps to teach children to be kind to animals and aware of the environment.

What made you decide to write a book?

The story is one that had I told to my daughter often over the past three years. I had always envisioned what it would look like as a book with the thought of sharing it with children everywhere. With the encouragement of my husband and your talent as an illustrator my vision has been transformed into a reality.

What was your inspiration behind it?

My daughter Charleston is the inspiration and the main character, Princess Charleston is inspired by her personality. We took a trip to the family home on the Isle Of Palms on year, which is an actual island off the coast of South Carolina. Charleston was 10 weeks old and I was recovering from the delivery. I physically could not do much on the trip. My one true joy was sitting with Charleston on the back porch singing her songs and telling her stories. One day, the story of Princess Charleston of the Isle of Palms came to me and I have told her this story since that day.

Why is the Isle of Palms special to you?

My in-laws have a home on the Isle of Palms. It has been a special place to my husband and me for over a decade. We spent our honeymoon there, we have spent many holidays there, and we have created many joyous memories with family and friends in that house. The Isle of Palms is also so beautiful and peaceful and I absolutely love taking long walks on the beach and watching the ocean while enjoying the nature and tranquility that is all around.

What is your favorite children’s book growing up and favorite illustrations?

I loved the Richard Scary books as a kid! My dad also read to me Green Eggs & Ham and The Real Mother Goose as a child. My dad has told me how much I loved Green Eggs & Ham and my mom claims she still has the book that I colored completely green to prove it! I received The Real Mother Goose as a baby gift when Charleston was born and it brought back so many wonderful childhood memories. I was so happy to pass it on to her.

Have you any other exciting book projects lined up?

Right now we have a lot of exciting projects coming up with regard to this first book. We have a book signing on March 24 at The Murrysville Library in Pennsylvania and we have a line of new hair clips for girls that are being made with the Princess Charleston character by Brandi Aageson-Moden at B –CraZis BowTique. We are hoping to put them up on the website for sale very soon. My husband is also working on a Princess Charleston puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad. However, this first story is just one of several that I used to tell Charleston and I would like to start the process of self-publishing the second book in a series of Princess Charleston books, That is something I think I can begin to focus on this summer.

Where can we buy Princess Charleston and the Isle of Palms and when is it hitting the stores?

While the book is still in print for the first run, you can pre-order it through the Princess Charleston website In the United States the book will be sold in a few select stores and we are expecting to have it available on and Barnes and Noble’s website as well. Keep an eye out for it in the early spring!