Rami Kadi's new collection - Le gala des mysteres




I did a double take. My pulse quickened. I felt giddy. No joke, that was exactly my sequence of emotions when I saw the new Rami Kadi collection entitled Le Gala des Mysteres. The Lebanese designer has been one of my favorites for quite some time and I was both enchanted and spellbound with his new collection – absolutely breathtaking.

I instantly felt an ATTACK of inspiration and just HAD to draw it immediately because it inspired me so! The collection has such a wonderful dark fairytale element just seething with drama and flair. A tiny bit gothic too, with the baroque-style details and dark bejewelled tones. P.S – just look at those gorgeous fine details on the back – Mamma mia!

What I like about it is the immaculate sense of taste executed throughout. I find alot of Arab designers go OTT on the bling and crystal work, but this is a perfect example of how to layer and use a tonne of embellishment in the right way and knowing when to stop. This results in gowns that glisten irresistibly, like a seductive wink from a mysterious beautiful woman leaving you wanting more.

It’s sophisticated, beautiful with a brothers Grimm appeal and truly the stuff dreams are made of. Bravo!

Check out my illustrations and some photos of the collection.