Photoshoot at Belgravia Studios, London

Some fashion bloggers have REALLY nailed the art in posing for natural looking photos. You know which ones I mean! Golden sunlight, strategically highlighting cascading waves as the stylish subject appears to laugh charmingly and merrily into the distance. It’s all very convincing when you scroll through these #iwokeuplikedis mini masterpieces on Instagram.

fashion blogger Courtney from New York makes adorable seem so easy!!!!  Maybe she's born with it ....??

fashion blogger Courtney from New York makes adorable seem so easy!!!! Maybe she’s born with it ….??

Super chic Rosie from The Londoner

Super chic Rosie from The Londoner

I’m not really one of those bloggers!!

Confession: I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I kinda just usually stand one leg behind the other and do a rather awkward tight lipped Mona Lisa smile. Less imaginative but hey, it works and it’s my thang.



Truthfully, I never really know what to DO in front of a camera buuuuuutttt in an eager attempt to up my #ootd game, I booked a photoshoot with the very professional Belgravia Studios while I was in London. This beautiful, elegant studio is located just a hop skip and jump away from Kings Cross train station and they do a variety of impressive styles for shoots. Their portfolio is very versatile and highly editorial. Each client gets full on princess treatment with a hair and make up overhaul as well as tailor made advice from the in house photographers and stylists. I couldn’t wait to get started!!!


I decided to go for a vintage Hollywood theme and so I told the make up artist, Susa and hairstylist, Bunny that I wanted a matte classic red lip, Veronica Lake waves complete with retro, flicked-out liner . So, lots of backcombing and tones of pincurls later …






I ended up with this look! They were totally on the same wavelength and I was thrilled! The skilled make up artists made me feel like a true film noir femme fatale.




The two storey studio has various rooms, each corner painted in different themes, from indulgent and baroque to light and airy pastels. The photographer who did my shoot is called Natalya and I found her absolutely amazing! She has a very artistic eye for detail and had a tons of great, creative suggestions for a strong and interesting shoot. All the photos were very flattering and I love the multi faceted way she plays with light and shadow. What was astonishing to me was the variation of moods – some were very dramatic, dark and très Hitchcock, whilst others were brighter and made great use of the natural light.

playing dress up at Belgravia

playing dress up at Belgravia




It was really difficult to choose my favorite photos (they took 61 shots in total!!!) but in the end I narrowed it down to these four photos.





I would HIGHLY recommend making an appointment with Belgravia Studios for a shoot if you’re in London this summer. The team are creative, attentive, professional and made me feel like a new person! You never know, I might be more laissez faire in front of the lens from now on…kinda like Brigitte Bardot oozing plenty of joi de vivre!!! Whaddya think???