Paris, je t'aime!

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Whenever I am in UK for the Summer, I plan a little mini break somewhere exciting . This year, I went to Paris for four days with my usual travel companions who you probably recognise from all my travel posts – my BFF and sister. I gave them ONE ultimatum and it wasn’t very sophisticated … I will ONLY go to Paris if we go to Disney world.

“But you’re 31!!!!! Grow up!!” they huffed, exasperated.

“DISNEY!!!” I insisted brattily, stomping my foot like Verruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Reluctantly, they agreed. They tried to squirm out of our deal on many occasions but I was having none of it.

On the first day, we visited Giverny – which had an adorable cottage that Claude Monet would reside in for months at a time, painting his famous waterlilies. The beautiful Japanese gardens and gorgeously furnished rooms certainly made an IMPRESSION on us (hyuk hyuk).



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I like to munch my way through every city I visit. I did some extensive “research” on Buzzfeed and found out about the best indulgent snacks to gorge on while in Paris.

We tried the super decadent, rich African hot chocolate from Angelina Cafe.


Ladurée is my old love and so of course, I had a bought a box of assorted macarons from there as well as some cheaper, generic macarons because I don’t like to discriminate and my mama didn’t raise me as an elitist, homz. Macarons are ALL wonderful. Labels are for jars, not desserts.

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I also found a few other gems during my stay – the Algerian patisserie, LAOUZ as well as an amazing ice cream parlor called Amorino Gelato. Their Gelato was comparable to the ones I’ve sampled in Rome (HIGH praise, indeed) and best of all, they shape the ice cream flavors into “petals!”


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Next stop was the Louvre. You need at least an entire day to check out the whole museum and given the time constraints, it seemed like a futile mission so we decided to focus on the smaller Musée d’Orsay instead. We spent the afternoon looking at Impressionist/Rococo/Art Nouveau masterpieces. I was Louvrein’ it. I left artistically replenished and bought quite a few charming paintings on the street that caught my eye.

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Versailles was gold, glorious and opulent. The palace furnishings and architecture were magnificent, especially the way the light from the tall windows flooded in and bounced against the gleaming, gold decor. It made the entire palace shimmer and the crystal sparkle. It truly was a sight to behold.

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Chateau de Versailles - Galerie des Glaces

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At last, it was finally time to pay the piper – a trip to Disneyland. Although my travel companions grumbled extensively on the way, within five minutes of arriving at Magic Kingdom all three of us were running around excitedly like 5 year olds. No matter HOW old you are or what gender you are, (as my fiancee will soon find out) Disneyland will NEVER cease to amaze and astound. One is simply NEVER too old for it.

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I also wore my Paris wanderlust skirt on the day we went to the Eiffel tower. It seemed like a perfect opportunity. We went there just as the sun was golden and setting. The purple skies matched my outfit really well.



Here are a few other photos I took while I was out and about with cut outs of my illustrations. Like the song says, I love Paris all year round!! I adored the company I had with me but the next time I visit, I will surely bring my other half. After all, it IS the city of love.


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