Float like a Butterfly, Stun like a bee.

September 15, 2016

I was always apprehensive about shopping online. You always hear about these horror stories on Buzzfeed about Chinese knock offs, unflattering fits and gross, static material. You know what they say though – if the bitter ain’t bitter, the sweet ain’t as sweet. In other words, there are some GREAT treasures out there to discover in this world wide web of ours and don’t let the odd crappy item discourage your efforts! I’ve found AMAZING items in the most unlikely of places such as Souq.com, which is bizarrely great for luxurious, designer inspired heels. While I was in Scotland, I […]


Paris, je t’aime!

August 27, 2016

Whenever I am in UK for the Summer, I plan a little mini break somewhere exciting . This year, I went to Paris for four days with my usual travel companions who you probably recognise from all my travel posts – my BFF and sister. I gave them ONE ultimatum and it wasn’t very sophisticated … I will ONLY go to Paris if we go to Disney world. “But you’re 31!!!!! Grow up!!” they huffed, exasperated. “DISNEY!!!” I insisted brattily, stomping my foot like Verruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Reluctantly, they agreed. They tried to squirm out […]


Loosening up with Jacqueline Bissett

August 1, 2016

I think the moment I fell in love with fashion illustration was when I first laid eyes on the amazing, glamorous illustrations sketched on Jackie Collin’s book covers. They were always so feminine, fluid and loose with a modern, minimalistic pop of color that was so eye catching to me! These drawings had such personality, sass and drama – a perfect match to the seductive and sexy stories I was addicted to! Over the years, I started recognizing the same illustrations everywhere on luxury brands like Thomas Sabo, Selfridges and Mac. Last week, in a perfect twist of fate, I […]

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MVC’s Diamond Dry Cut Review

July 21, 2016

When it comes to haircuts, I take a Fox Mulder-like stance and “Trust no one.” Too many times have I gone to the salon for long layers and come back with a dreadful cut – you know EXACTLY which one I mean, right? Where you have a poofy-like ball “layer” on your head “complimented” with thin, straggly ends. Hands up if you’ve had that done to you. (Meeee!) I have a confession – I’ve been trimming my hair myself for the past couple of years using Youtube tutorials. I know, I know…bless me, Father for I have hair sinned. I […]

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Summer studio workshop at Harvey Nichols

July 8, 2016

I love to teach illustration but don’t always get the opportunity due to being swamped with projects buuuuut when Harvey Nichols approached me and asked me to be part of their Summer Studio line up, I couldn’t resist! This Summer, Harvey Nichols Dubai had a series of interactive workshops which included photography, fashion and styling. If the classes weren’t enticing enough,all guests who attended each received a AED200 complimentary voucher to use in the store’s Beauty Department..AND the classes were free! Pretty great trade off if you ask me. Nice one, Harvey Nichs. I hosted two workshops in June and […]

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Japs in Japan

June 12, 2016

LOTS of people ask me about my last name – what’s up with ” JAPAN”walla? “Are you Japanese? Are you Parsi?” (I get that a lot) … It’s an interesting little story …my great great grandfather was the first person from India to trade companies in Japan…and for some reason people nicknamed him JAPAN walla (literally…the guy from Japan) and it stuck. Needless to say, my name has gotten me quizzical looks from both Pakistanis and Europeans ..but hey! at least it’s an ice breaker. It seems like my link to Japan is in my blood and so fate had […]

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