Recent Editorial Illustrations

May 6, 2013

It’s been a good few months for editorials, live drawing and all around new experiences! For instance, I was approached by Jumeirah Magazine to create a illustrated map for their new travel feature on Dubai Rome and Shanghai! This was quite a challenging project and we went through many options and variations. Initially, they wanted underground metro maps of Shangai and Rome in the background underneath the illustration. My first draft was a map a sort of bird’s eye view like so – and the Dubai illustration – After a bit of debate, we experimented with some other options. They […]


Nespresso Art Collaboration/experimenting with Live Illustration

May 1, 2013

Hi Everyone!!!! I have been a real busy bee lately experimenting with all sorts and I thought I’d do a little write-up about what I have been upto and keep you updated! In January, I had been invited to participate in an artistic collaboration by Desert Fish Magazine for Nespresso’s launch of their new Maestria machine. 5 Local artists were handpicked to be part of an art-style-fashion movement and we were asked to use create an interpretation of Dubai and Nespresso using any medium we wanted, provided we use Nespresso coffee capsules in some way for our designs. The final […]


Harper’s Bazaar World of Fashion

October 23, 2012

From the 3rd to the 16th of October, Harper’s Bazaar hosted their annual Fashion Fortnight at Mall of Emirates. This year there were a variety of designers showcasing their new collections, from Locally based designers such as Etoile Boutique and DAS, to international designers like Tommy Hilfiger, Kate Spade and DKNY. Here are a few illustrations of my favorite pieces from some of the collections on the catwalk this year. Kate Spade was a particularly important show as the new york based designer has just opened up stores in Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates recently. Their collection had […]


Fashion Week Highlights – London, New York, Milan and Paris

October 13, 2012

Engaging and eclectic, fall winter 2012′s fashion week has not cease to dissapoint! Here are a few of my favorite looks from Paris, New york, Milan and London. I love this look from Louis Vuitton during Paris Fashion Week, and really like the idea of modelling the ensembles in pairs, wearing matching colour coordinated outfits that complement eacother – it really creates a memorable impact. The fact that it is arranged in this way gives the clothes a sense of continuation which stretches over two bodies rather than one – thus treating the pieces like art in terms of playing […]


Battle of the Lebanese Designers – Zuhair Murad

September 6, 2012

Arab artistians have been making a distinguishable mark in the couture world for a while now. Ever since that famous comical scene in Clueless where Alicia Silverstone is held at gunpoint and kneeling on the floor protesting “But this is an Ala├»a!…it’s like this totally important designer!!!”, their skill and attention to detail have not gone amiss. Lebanese designers in particular, have a unique sense of craftsmanship which they bring to the table in terms of surface ornamentation. In my opinion, they take inspiration from the femininty and sophistication of the more classic French couture silhouettes yet they add a […]


Gulf News Weekly Cartoon Strip -the thought process .

August 27, 2012

So for Gulf News in the weekly education section, I decided to collaborate artistically and do a cartoon strip for a one month trial. A lighthearted wacky Dubai based cartoon strip. Initially it was only meant to have two characters – Reem and Rania. It is a comical, tongue-in-cheek take of girls in Dubai and exaggurates/pokes fun of specific behavioral traits of the stereotypical airhead glamazon persona of some women living here. The two protaginists live in a total bubble (but are quite loveable nonetheless) and it’s about their misadventures, their humorous interactions with other people and how the world […]