Fashion Week 2013 – My top choices illustrated!

October 5, 2013

Ahhhh! My favorite time of year! Where my newsfeed is bombarded by a smogasbord of delectable and delightful couture imagery from fashion week all over the world. If Spring is thought to be the season of love, Fall is surely reserved solely for the LOVE… of fashion!!! I’m convinved Cupid is pointing his arrow at me from all directions as I am in LOVE with everything I’m seeing! From Valentino’s regal collection to Mary Katranzou’s digital prints, I am spoilt for choice about what to illustrate! Let’s start with Anna Sui’s stunning collection inspired by Pre-Raphaelites from NYFW. I love […]


London Fashion Week illustration

September 29, 2013

There’s nothing I like better than illustrating fashion week! If you are an avid follower of my blog you already know that it’s one of my favorite things to draw. The fabrics, the colours, the prints..Mon dieu!!! After Fashion Week is over, I fully intend to paint my shortlisted favorite looks this year as well as some runway looks from Dubai Fashion Forward/Harper’s Bazaar Fashion Week but for now here is a cheeky little arty teaser of what’s to come. Stay fashionable! xoxo


Kanztee Launch Party

September 28, 2013

So a while back I came across this amazingly creative company called Kanztee. It’s a start-up buisiness based here in Dubai selling t-shirts online designed by local artists. They provide an online platform where the chosen artists can display their work, get it made into a design and get paid a percentage depending on how many sales they make. Each t-shirt design is displayed for only 72 hours so there’s a certain sense of artistic exclusivity to it as all the designs are limited edition pieces available for a said amount of time. They don’t just mindlessly churn them out […]


Ancient Painting Technique Course in Florence

May 21, 2013

It just occurred to me that I hadn’t really had the chance to talk about the amazing experience I had in Italy yet, so I thought I’d just write about that on todays blog post! I had really really wanted to visit Italy and do a painting course for as long as I can remember. I felt a connection to Italy and always thought it was the kind of place I would love!!! I’m crazy about classical Renaissance art and I adore Italian architecture, historical Roman mythology and not to mention pizza, pasta and gelato!!!! Bingo! It has always been […]


Australian Themed illustrated backdrop

May 19, 2013

In March, I was asked by Dubai-based event company Dot the i’s to illustrate a massive photobooth backdrop for an Australian/Arab couple. The bride and groom had met in Australia so since the place was very nostalgic to them, they wanted an Australian touch to the wedding! Something fun for the guests and since photobooths and poloroids are all the rage right now, they loved the idea of an illustrated photo-backdrop to take wacky pictures against!! This was a great project to do and I loved the idea of one of my illustrations being part of a cool wedding! I […]


Illustration Speaks Louder | Sara Japanwalla

May 16, 2013

interview with haute arabia