Guess Fashion Show with Priyanka Chopra

March 4, 2014

I have a confession … normally, Bollywood doesn’t really thrill me. However, Priyanka Chopra is an exception to the rule. For starters, I like how her acting is very natural and not overdone. I find her eloquent and I loved her movie “Fashion.’ It’s an intriguing story about a supermodel’s rise to fame and riches and as a result, the corruption, arrogance, greed and overt flamboyance that follows. Since I am a closet fan of hers, I was so pleased about receiving an invitation to an exclusive Guess fashion show held at Festival City. Priyanka Chopra is the new face […]


What To Wear To Art Dubai: When Art Inspires Fashion

March 3, 2014

This post is the result of a creative collaboration with fellow art blogger and poet Danna Lorch of Check out her fb page. (Link below). We’ve been exploring the intersection of fashion and art and having a marvelous time of it! The 8th edition of Art Dubai will be here this month (19-22 March), presenting everything from a Eurasian tea salon to a brand new section focused on modern Middle Eastern Art. Galleries visiting from all over the world will show a wide range of artists from legendary polka dot painter Yayoi Kusama to the adventurous Indian sculptor […]


H&M Spring/Summer Launch at Meydan Beach Club

February 25, 2014

Granted it’s never COLD here in Dubai per se … but it does get pretty chilly in Winter! But now those days are over, as the balmy days of Spring are creeping around the corner … and it’s time to trade in your blazers for some floatier bohemian-style maxis! H&M have just the right collection to ensure you are lookin’ hot in the humidity! On February 5th, I visited the gorgeous Meydan Beach Club to investigate the new H&M Spring/Summer launch. (Yes, that’s right..I said investigate…because I’m a fashion detective.) Although this collection is clearly bohemian, it’s by no means […]


Official opening of Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments

February 18, 2014

It’s no secret that I love art. I try to attend as many gallery openings, launches, auctions and exhibitions as I can here in Dubai. Tough life, eh?! What I really love though, is the many uses and facets of art. I’m intrigued when it merges together with design and function because that is when it transforms into something much deeper than aesthetics – more than just a painting adorning a wall. In short, I love when the beauty of art is used in more practical unconventional ways. When I found out about the concept of Noon art boutique, I […]


Live drawing for Dune London event at Meydan Beach

February 14, 2014

Shoes and the beach. My two most favorite things! Any event that combines these is good in my book. And that’s precisely what Apparel Group did on the 28th of Jan, when they hosted an exclusive launch event for Dune shoes London at the luxurious Meydan Beach in JBR. Just look at all those gorgeous shoes and handbags! Mon Dieu!!! C’est magnifique, n’est pas? I was there to do some live sketching of all the guests’ sophisticated and colourful outfits. The weather was glorious with the sunlight flooding the room through the large glass windows. Check out that splendid view […]


‘Tis the season to be arty, Falalalala lalalala ….

February 8, 2014

Not only is February the official month of love, but it’s also proving to be quite a glorious time for art aficionados like myself. There are tonnes of interesting art events and exhibitions going on right now. I’ve been keeping busy doing my usual gallery hopping and last week I went to see two great shows with extremely different tones. My friend Deama had invited me to come to an exhibition called Fakie #3 which she was participating in. Fakie #3 was held at FN designs at Al Serkhal Avenue. Every artist participating at this show had been given a […]