Design Days 2014

March 19, 2014

Art Dubai opening night is TOMORROW night. Right now, I feel like one of those vintage toys you wind up with a key RIGHT before placing on the floor … literally RARING to go !!! BUT having said that …there are so many OTHER interesting fairs and exhibitions to check out during Art Season, such as Art Nights, Sikka, Christie’s and of course Design Days Dubai. Since I’m rather greedy, I want to see it ALL…I can relate to Aerosmith’s song…I (really) DONT wanna miss a THING!!! So I set off bright and early (ish) to investigate Design Days first, […]


DIFC Art Night March 2014

March 17, 2014

So here we are … on the BRINK of Art Week 2014. Can’t you just FEEL the energy in the air?! Once again, Al Serkal and DIFC decided to have their art nights on the same night!!! Curses!!! Can I just take a moment to rant … WHY do you DO this to us?! WHY do you make us choose? Al Serkal …you are so spacious, trendy, relaxing, sophisticated, clean and classic. And as for YOU, DIFC…you are no less with your chaotic energy, your glamazons, canapés, live art, music and yuppie handsome men (ofcourse I had my eyes firmly […]


Peter Pan Show – YAK Events

March 17, 2014

There’s something about watching a musical live that makes me so feel so elated. The costumes, the lighting … the way everyone just spontaneously burst into a synchronised dance. (I wish life could be like that!!!) I’m a huuuuge theatre buff so every time I go to London, I make it a point to see atleast one play. You name it I’ve seen it. Grease, Jersey Boys, Top Hat, Singing in the Rain, Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Oliver Twist, Sister Act… (and that’s just the tip of he iceberg!) Regarding theatre/musicals, this is something I always felt Dubai […]


Last “Fling With Fashion” before Art Week

March 14, 2014

Everyone in the art industry knows that the next week will be filled to the brim with art, art and MORE art with Art Dubai just looming around the corner. It’s been dominating my mind! Art Dubai, Design Days Dubai, Art Nights…and pasta. (Pasta is just ALWAYS on my mind. That’s just a standard thing.) Anyhoo… I recently got an invite to “Fashion Up” – a Mall of Emirates’ catwalk show held on Thursday. It was to promote the opening of Mall Emirates’ contemporary new Fashion District. The aim of the show was to showcase all the new designer stores […]


Imran Qureshi exhibition at Salsali Private Museum

March 7, 2014

Hailed as Deutsche Bank’s artist of the year of 2013, Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi is creating waves in Pakistan’s contemporary art genre and is the pioneer of neo-contemporary miniature painting. He has received international acclaim for his intense and highly unique style. As soon as I saw his famous roof garden commission he created for The Met in New York, I was spellbound by the artist’s intricate and powerful work. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found out THE Imran Qureshi was having a solo show here in Dubai at Salsali Private Museum, Al Serkal. Qureshi’s themes center around […]


Harvey Nichols vs Bloomingdales – Battle of the Boutiques

March 5, 2014

After Valentine’s day, many people feel a bit of a slump and experience a withdrawal in festivities. After all, the glow of Christmas has passed, as has New Years and NOW all the romance of Valentine’s day has gone too. What IS there to look forward to now? Catwalk shows, that’s what!!!!! The Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales show just couldn’t have been timed better. Both scheduled at an otherwise rather uneventful tail end of February. First up was Harvey Nichols, which was on the 17th and held at Medinat Jumeirah. The theme intrigued me as it was called “Light Up […]