Chanel Cruise Show Illustrations

May 19, 2014

Just incase you have been living under a rock and hadn’t heard – the Chanel Cruise Fall show took place in Dubai recently. It was held on an exclusive luxurious island just off the coast which was made JUST for the occasion. If my tone appears to read tinged with an ever-so-slight tone of bitterness, it’s because I AM still rather sore I did not attend. (super exclusive invite only!) :’( (sniff) Oh well! I’m over it!! All is fair in love and fashion Now that I’ve got my emotional trauma behind me (!) Let’s talk about the collection … […]


Tahir Sultan salon show at the Cartel

May 15, 2014

I must admit that when I shop for clothes, comfort is very low on my list of priorities! It’s just that word – “comfort.” It often has a very unglamorous connotation that doesn’t quite appeal to me and I just end up thinking of hoodies and clumpy shoes. Tahir Sultan’s brand new collection, however, is a game changer and proves that comfort and style CAN go hand in hand successfully! The Kuwaiti designer collaborated with urban conceptual boutique The Cartel on the 7th of May to showcase his collection for pre order. Before making a final decision on their orders, […]


Abu Dhabi Book Fair

May 14, 2014

I was certainly a busy bee from the 30th to the 5th of May! This year, I had participated in the Abu Dhabi Book Fair to promote my work as a children’s book illustrator. I was also looking for potential publishers for my latest book project. (hint hint) I was really impressed by how huge and well organised the fair was. The illustrator’s corner was situated RIGHT next to publishers so it was perfect for my ongoing pursuit! The fair is not just for sitting still in the corner in silent bookworm mode, though! Infact, it was actually quite interactive […]


Alright Mr Demille, I’m ready for my close up.

May 7, 2014

I’d just like to say that in terms of being camera shy … I was awkward wayyy before Kirsten Stewart made it cool. I know you may be skeptical as it may not seem that way with the abundance of photos I take!! It’s different when taking a photo with a camera – I’m totally cool with that! Basically – when in doubt, the secret is to adopt a “Liz Hurley Stance”. You know the drill – your weight on one leg, which comes forward. Hand on hip. Coy, close lipped smile and bada bing, bada boom!!! You just can’t […]


Fashion Forward Frolics – Part 2

April 16, 2014

Essa Walla’s show was wonderfully outrageous and truly audacious! Provocatively entitled “Blow,” his collection featured plenty of acid bright colours, statement prints, furs and plenty of interesting frou-frou details. I loved the ostrich feather embellishments mixed with beadwork that sparkled in the spotlight. The eclectic combination of textures were so unexpected and constantly kept us guessing. Although it was a very daring and bold, there’s no doubt that there was a pinch of feminine romanticism (i.e the floor sweeping hemlines and hourglass-enhancing silhouettes) but it was unconventional femininity. Oversized sunglasses, vintage 50′s shapes and trippy combinations – think Jackie O […]

Essa - Runway - Fashion Forward Dubai April 2014

Street Style/The Garden at Fashion Forward

April 14, 2014

Every time I attend Fashion Forward, I find myself getting more and more impressed by the way people dress in Dubai! Street style really inspires me a lot – especially in my illustrations. I thought I would add a personalised twist to the blog by just taking a moment to highlight some of the best looks I spotted this season!! Y’know … “REAL beauty from REAL women.” Kinda like the Dove campaign (only less cheesy and condescending!!) Creative or eccentric, quirky or classic – here’s to all you gorgeous Dubai stylistas out there who are not afraid to sparkle! The […]