The Woman, The Myth, The Mystery …

June 27, 2014

The intriguing title of my blog post is enough to make you curious, isn’t it? Allow me to unravel a bit of the mystery for you … On June the 12th, Opera Gallery Group celebrated their 20th anniversary by showcasing an exhibition of works by world renowned French artist, Jean-Pierre-Roussey. It seemed particularly fitting for this artist to be highlighted for this occasion as his masterpieces are consistently sought after and he has always played a prominent artistic role in the history of Opera Gallery. While exploring the space at the exhibition, I had a chat with gallery manager Annamaria […]


Hetty Feather Review at DUCTAC

June 18, 2014

Lately, I’ve been getting an insatiable hankering for a bit of culture. I had heard rave reviews about the play Hetty Feather and so I spontaneously decided to catch the matinee show on the very LAST day at DUCTAC. Hetty Feather is based on the book by renowned English writer Jacqueline Wilson, whose books are world famous with over 30 million copies being sold in the UK alone. As soon as the play started, I felt completely engaged in the plot and the creative and highly personal way it was narrated. Set in the Victorian era, the story centers around […]

Hetty Feather

Jumshed Qaisar paintings at Mussawir Art Gallery

May 28, 2014

A little while back, I stopped by at Mussawir gallery and I couldn’t help but be completely drawn into Jumshed Qaisar’s amazing Islamic calligraphy pieces. Born in Lahore, Qaisar is a renowned artist specializing in his unique interpretation of Arab calligraphy. As well as all over Pakistan, his work has been exhibited in countries such as Russia, Kuwait, Moscow and UK. What I really loved about his pieces is how they are spiritually inspired yet still very beautiful, aesthetically. I like how he incorporates the lettering in a very unconventional way. Traditionally, calligraphy is created in a linear way from […]


The Big Picture Opening Night

May 20, 2014

So imagine that you are in an art gallery featuring an array of local UAE artists. You’re nibbling on canapes as you chat with your arty friends. Everything is pretty laid back and chilled out and you’re enjoying looking at all the impressive artwork. You turn to your left and BOOM! A Dali. An ORIGINAL, honest-to-goodness Salvador Dali which is so close you can just reach out and touch it! No need to go all the way to Barcelona to have this experience; it happened right here in Pro Art Gallery, Jumeirah on the opening night of The Big Picture […]


Chanel Cruise Show Illustrations

May 19, 2014

Just incase you have been living under a rock and hadn’t heard – the Chanel Cruise Fall show took place in Dubai recently. It was held on an exclusive luxurious island just off the coast which was made JUST for the occasion. If my tone appears to read tinged with an ever-so-slight tone of bitterness, it’s because I AM still rather sore I did not attend. (super exclusive invite only!) :’( (sniff) Oh well! I’m over it!! All is fair in love and fashion Now that I’ve got my emotional trauma behind me (!) Let’s talk about the collection … […]


Tahir Sultan salon show at the Cartel

May 15, 2014

I must admit that when I shop for clothes, comfort is very low on my list of priorities! It’s just that word – “comfort.” It often has a very unglamorous connotation that doesn’t quite appeal to me and I just end up thinking of hoodies and clumpy shoes. Tahir Sultan’s brand new collection, however, is a game changer and proves that comfort and style CAN go hand in hand successfully! The Kuwaiti designer collaborated with urban conceptual boutique The Cartel on the 7th of May to showcase his collection for pre order. Before making a final decision on their orders, […]