November News

December 4, 2014

I’ve been very off the radar for a while and there have been a lottttttttt of live drawing gigs I have done lately so I thought I’d combine everything into one blog post and briefly go through some of them! First up – United Colors of Benetton. I was asked to draw live illustrations for customers as part of Vogue Fashion Experience at Dubai Mall. It was really interesting as I got to actually sit in the store window and draw, so it was a real goldfish experience as people would glance in and stare at me working! For this […]


Turnin Japanese, I think I’m turnin Japanese …

November 2, 2014

If you are approaching a major age milestone ….( such as 21 in my case (!)) you’ll find yourself creating a mental bucketlist of things to achieve before reaching it. Infact, I’m always adding things to my bucketlist. Now, I’m not one for skydiving or bunjee jumping…(infact I haven’t even been able to tackle the Jumeirah Sceirah at Wild Wadi yet!) My list is far less drastic and more subtle. Some of these items include attending a Ted Talk, finally mustering up the courage to enroll in that French/Salsa class, making a convincing shisha smoke ring and finding out the […]

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Fashion Forward Frolics – Season 4

October 25, 2014

As the Amato show started, a hush of anticipation fell over the gigantic arena of designer-clad glamazons. Everyone was there. Sharp sartorial editors, hashtag-savvy bloggers, boho designers, quirky fashionistas and of course, the glossy posse socialite FROW crowd; you know which ones I mean – the ones who stroll breezily inside at the very LAST possible moment, thus solidifying their sense of presence while kissy- kissying their other amigos as they take their seat. Ah yes, they are, indeed, as different as night and day except that all these cliques have one thing in common – they crave for couture […]


The beauty of Bavaria

October 10, 2014

My sister had a hankering for pretzels the moment we stepped into Germany and she wouldn’t rest UNTIL she got THE best one. She is not one to settle in life and she didn’t want a puny ordinary pretzel you can find from street vendors. It had to be SPECIAL. So we visited the famous Hofbrauhaus beer hall to find a humongous one. Can you imagine? Rummaging through a beer house to find a pretzel? What can I say? She is rather twisted. After feeling energised from the stodgyness of the carbs, we set off for Nymphenburg palace which is […]


Vienna and Budapest; Hungary for more?

October 7, 2014

I’ve always fancied going to Vienna. It’s such a rich and indulgent city busting at the seams with theatre, art and culture. Plus, I dig Viennesse art – particularly Jugendstil. For the first day, we thought we’d get get LOST in “SCHLOSS” … Belvedere that is. A gorgeous palace and museum. The stunning grounds reminded me a bit of Versailles. I dunno … maybe it’s those shrubs. You just KNOW you’ve found a “good” palace when you see legit cone shaped shrubs like these. Am I right?? I was VERY keen visit because it is currently the home to my […]


The hills are alive with the sights of Salzburg

September 28, 2014

Hands up if you’ve pretended you were Liesl from the Sound of Music when you were a kid, often LEAPING off benches attempting to re-enact the dance scene from “I am 16??” NO???? Just me then??? NAH. I’m not convinced. Nice try but I KNOW you did it. It’s an oldie but a classic; the timeless tale of a chirpy, free spirited nun in Austria who is hired as a governess for the Von Trapp family. She later falls in love with Captain Von Trapp and yada yada …we all know what happens next, everyone’s watched The Sound of Music. […]