Othello: The Remix

With art/fashion week coming up in March, I found myself craving something different. Something cultural – BUT with a twist.

Then I came across the latest production at DUCTAC’s Centerpoint Theatre – Othello: The Remix.


The interesting thing about this play was that there was only one performance showing to the public on the 1st March. I must admit, the exclusivity of it all intrigued me like a moth to a flame!

Othello: The Remix is a critically acclaimed performance produced by a Chicago based company called The Q Brothers as well as Shakespeare Theater Company all the way from the USA .

Inspired by the classic Shakespearean play, Othello the Remix is a contemporary take on the sixteenth century tragedy with roots in the American hip hop tradition.

_MSB2487 (1)

I know, right? Hip Hop? It may sound quirky, but the clever use of this particular musical genre breathed new life into the story. In fact, Hip hop actually worked really well as a highly creative narrative medium.

Instead of being set in late sixteenth century Europe during the heightened military conflict, the remixed characters are reinterpreted into the competitive music industry and the trails of a hostile, contemporary urban landscape.

Othello the Remix_DUCTAC_1 (1)

Shakespeare’s hero is cast as MC Othello, his fated Desdemona a celebrated R&B singer.

The play was not only wonderfully executed but contained all the “juicy bits” that we all know, love and expect from Shakespeare – revenge, passion, murder and of course … all consuming jealousy.

Othello the Remix_DUCTAC_2 (1)

This dramatic and unusual performance of has been adapted slightly, in keeping with local cultural sensitives but it still offers a meaningful take on the original for fans of hip-hop, Shakespeare and contemporary drama alike. If you’ve missed this one, never fear because DUCTAC has some amazing upcoming performances and activities so be sure to follow them and keep in the loop!!!