Official opening of Noon Art Boutique Hotel Apartments



It’s no secret that I love art. I try to attend as many gallery openings, launches, auctions and exhibitions as I can here in Dubai.

Tough life, eh?! ;)

What I really love though, is the many uses and facets of art. I’m intrigued when it merges together with design and function because that is when it transforms into something much deeper than aesthetics – more than just a painting adorning a wall.

In short, I love when the beauty of art is used in more practical unconventional ways.

How cool IS this elevator?!

How cool IS this elevator?!


When I found out about the concept of Noon art boutique, I was beyond fascinated. Located in Al Barsha, Noon Art Boutique virtually uses art in every nook and cranny of the hotel!

Some of these exquisite features include …… (deep breath so I can list them all!!!)

The enamel clocks in the lobby, copious wallpaper designs, ornate rugs, intricate engravings on the wood of the cabinets, etched designs on the frosted glass doors of the showers NOT forgetting the impressive assortment of paintings enhancing the hallways and rooms! (Whew!!! What an impressive list!)




The hotel apartments boasts 45 beautifully appointed luxury suites arranged across 12 immaculately designed floors.

The interesting thing about this hotel is that it has been designed by three UAE artists who had each been given a certain number of floors to use as their very own blank canvases.

Although the rooms all look similar in terms of colour schemes and materials, if you look a bit closer you will notice that they vary a great deal in design. For instance – inspired by spirituality, Khalid Bin Slimane incorporates God’s name seamlessly into the design of his rooms.




Ali Hassan opts for tasteful interlocked Arab calligraphy made from dark and light wood carved into the furniture such as headboads the tables and even the lights above!




Finally, renowned Emirati artist, Dr Najat Makki uses figurative work – a famous trademark of her artistic style.





All attendees were treated to live musical entertainment, canapés, refreshments, and three on-site artists – Anita Jane Scott, Fiona Mackenzie and Thaer Mahdi – who wowed those present with their live artistic creations. There was also a guided tour of the suites which started on the first floor of the building – and a showcase of impressive local art and culture.




Feelin arty in my patterned trousers!

Feelin arty in my patterned trousers!

Now, I often hear common criticisms of this city from a few expats living here. We’ve all heard them. They drone “Dubai is so commercial. Dubai is so materialistic. There’s no soul.”

People like to repeat comments like this often in a mantra-like fashion.

Well, this impeccably designed hotel proves that times are changing and Noon Art Boutique is FAR from just another sell out hotel apartment, it’s indeed a cut above the rest. With its bespoke artistry, unique craftsmanship and deep attention to detail, it’s ANYTHING but commercial.

It’s class all the way!