Nespresso Art Collaboration/experimenting with Live Illustration

Hi Everyone!!!!

I have been a real busy bee lately experimenting with all sorts and I thought I’d do a little write-up about what I have been upto and keep you updated!

In January, I had been invited to participate in an artistic collaboration by Desert Fish Magazine for Nespresso’s launch of their new Maestria machine. 5 Local artists were handpicked to be part of an art-style-fashion movement and we were asked to use create an interpretation of Dubai and Nespresso using any medium we wanted, provided we use Nespresso coffee capsules in some way for our designs. The final art pieces would then be displayed at a cocktail event at Desert Fish studios alongside the unveiling of the new machine in Alserkal Avenue.

This was a great project and I decided to really get out of my comfort zone and think BIG! So, I wanted to go very literal and create giant coffee mugs and then do illustrated coloured pen murals all over them of Dubai, fashion and coffee.

In true “Art Attack” style, I achieved this by first, buying some huge plastic barrels from a supermarket – the kind you throw stuff in – pretty much like a wastepaper basket! I bought the biggest ones I could find and removed the metal pieces with pliers so they wouldn’t get in the way. I then covered the whole of the plastic base with a mixture of cement and emulsion to make it matte. Then I added some paper-mache handles, transforming my plain barrels into mugs, added a few layers of paint and then I just doodled to my hearts content, pretty much!!!

Here are some photos of the process!

Working on giant mugs for Nesspresso uae art commission
working on giant mugs for nespresso uae commission

And these are the photos of the final mugs displayed at the cocktail event!

the finished illustrated  nespresso mugs exhibited at at Desert Fish studios</a

Illustrated mugs on display at Desert Fish Studios

Since then, I’ve been dabbling in a bit of live illustration work for fashion events and launches here and there. After the Reemami show, I got another “gig” for an event for fashion website They sell gorgeous dresses online and for their fashion launch they needed some live entertainment so I was quite happy to step in!!! I was inspired by the stunning gowns all around me and we picked a few actual dresses from their website for me to illustrate along with their logo.



live illustration for the

Finished illustration

illlistration for the dress room launch

The week after that, I got another live illustration job to do at a pub in Dubai International Financial Center called The Gramercy. They were having a 70s themed night and wanted something groovy, colourful and retro, so I decided to be really ambitious this time and just go crazy and very “flower power” with this one.



Tah Dah!!!!!! Finished …


I really had fun with these events, they really helped me to loosen up and think big and I’m really looking forward to doing some more of these!!!! Yay!