My first business trip


When I look back on the last five years, it’s just AMAZING how far my fashion illustration has come. I never thought I would go on a business trip! I have toyed with the idea of traveling to Kuwait for a while but something has always come up.

Earlier this month, I travelled to Bloomingdales Kuwait for an exclusive shoe launch at 360 Mall. I’m so glad I finally did it and I had an amazing time. It was so interesting to visit meet new people!! Kuwait is very lovely and i met so many smart, stylish and bold women at the launch. The women were very fashionable but in a very different way to women in Dubai. From what I observed, they seemed to be really into experimenting with dramatic silhouettes
like bell/puff sleeves and I’ve never seen so many edgy tailored jackets in one room before!

The abaya didn’t seem that prevalent but Kuwaiti women really have a knack for tying their headscarves creatively. Very cool!!! I saw lots of color, print and statement chunky jewelry. They also seemed really bold with their shoe choices. I saw girls wearing Yves Saint Laurent’s sphere heel just super casually and it was awesome.

popular shoe choice

popular shoe choice

When Bloomingdales Kuwait opened, I designed an exclusive kuwait little brown bag and it was amazing to finally see the products in person. Here they are!


Here are some more photos of the launch, the gorgeous shoes and the stylish but shy women. In conclusion… Kuwait was great.