MVC's Diamond Dry Cut Review

When it comes to haircuts, I take a Fox Mulder-like stance and “Trust no one.”

Too many times have I gone to the salon for long layers and come back with a dreadful cut – you know EXACTLY which one I mean, right? Where you have a poofy-like ball “layer” on your head “complimented” with thin, straggly ends. Hands up if you’ve had that done to you. (Meeee!)

I have a confession – I’ve been trimming my hair myself for the past couple of years using Youtube tutorials. I know, I know…bless me, Father for I have hair sinned. I do an adequate job but since my wedding is coming up, I really wanted an amazing cut which makes my hair look fuller in time for the big day.

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I’m a huge fan of fashion blogger Rosie from The Londoner – her preppy style, restaurant recommendations, humor and her HAIR are always on point. Rosie’s perfect waves are always so thick and well styled. When I found out she gets her hair cut by celebrity stylist Michael Van Clarke, I promptly booked an appointment for a diamond dry cut at his salon on a date that I would be visiting London.

The unique diamond dry cut is a special technique of cutting hair. The stylists cut it whilst dry and what I like about this is that it isn’t a one-size-fits-all method. It’s very customized as the stylists take your hair texture, thickness, irregularities and facial features all into consideration before going for the final chop. Because they cut the hair in the natural air dried state, the hairstyle stays super easy to maintain with very little effort!

photo courtesy Michael Van Clarke

photo courtesy Michael Van Clarke

The glamorous salon is located in the heart of Marylebone and the decor is luxurious with a chic, minimalistic style.

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My stylist for the day was a lovely, chatty girl called Summer. She was very attentive to what I needed and listened to all my concerns. I told her I was growing it for the wedding, and she recommended growing out my shorter layers on the top and going for long, subtle layers with a beveled-like edge for added fullness. She cut my bangs in a flattering, feminine style that emphasized my eyes and cheekbones.

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Bonus - you can nibble delicious brownies at the salon!

Bonus – you can nibble delicious brownies at the salon!

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As well as the cut, I was also treated to an amazing scalp treatment in a really comfortable massage chair! After the cut, she curled the hair to finish it off, giving it that bouncy, Kate Middleton look I craved!

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Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 4.38.35 PM

Fast forward a few showers later since visiting and I find the style VERY easy to maintain. My blow dry/straightening time has reduced and I often dry it naturally and just let it do it’s thing – something I haven’t been able to do since I was a kid!

I would also HIGHLY recommend the three inches pre wash treatment. I’ve used it three times, and my hair feels extremely full at the ends (where I have the most problems with). Total game changer!

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If you’re in London for the summer, I HIGHLY recommend you book yourself for a cut at this salon asap!

You’ll shine like a diamond, and with less of the rough. ; – )