Kanztee Launch Party


So a while back I came across this amazingly creative company called Kanztee. It’s a start-up buisiness based here in Dubai selling t-shirts online designed by local artists. They provide an online platform where the chosen artists can display their work, get it made into a design and get paid a percentage depending on how many sales they make. Each t-shirt design is displayed for only 72 hours so there’s a certain sense of artistic exclusivity to it as all the designs are limited edition pieces available for a said amount of time. They don’t just mindlessly churn them out in masses – (PUH-LEASE, darling!!!)

I submitted a few designs for the company and a few of my illustrations got made into t shirts for the launch party on the 3rd.

My first design is my standard style of fashion illustration with the signature long stylised eyelash. An abaya clad woman chilling with her latest Hermes bag, sipping a Starbucks with the Burj khalifa in the background.


and this more artistic one of butterflies


I experimented with a few humorous illustrations too! I thought it would be quite hilarious to do two overly botoxed/duck faced camels taking a selfie and King Kong attacking the Burj Khalifa!


Screen shot 2013-09-27 at 12.15.06 AM

The Launch party on the 3rd of September was fantastically delivered with an air of panache – such an amazing creative buzz hovering around! It was held at the very trendy JamJar gallery in Al Quoz. The T shirts done by the artists were suspended from the ceiling for all to see and guests could write feedback on colourful post-its and stick it directly onto the t shirts – a really cool unique idea! We also had little postcards with our artwork and bio printed on it.



The food was delicious – catered by N_K_D pizza which is renowned for their use of quality organic ingredients without skimping on the taste!! I’ve tasted “healthy” pizza and it normally resembles flavourless airplane food BUT this is different!!! I love N_K_D’s tangy and authentic tasting pizza. (particularly their BBQ chicken! Very More-ish!)

The following photos were all taken by photographer Sasha Maddah. You can check out his work here –









All in all, an excellent night filled to the brim with an arty aura and awesome eats! Bravo, Kantzee!

Do keep an eye out for my new t-shirt designs which are due to make their debut soon! :-)