Isabel Marant for H&M


When tie dye comes to mind I tend to recall 90′s psychedelic flourescent monstrosities and I find myself shuddering thinking of my childhood faux-pas flashbacks. (Ew.) I truly thought I was so over tie die….that is, until I saw Parisian fashion designer Isabel Marant’s limited edition collection for H&M. Her collection was a game changer for me and her cool tribal monochrome pieces set my heart a-flutter!!! She has done the impossible – her interpretation made tie dye (dare I say it) cool again, and I found myself wondering ..”SHOULD I? Could I?!!”


I had the pleasure of attending H&M’s collaboration preview on the 30th of October at the Address Hotel in Dubai Mall. I was charmed, smitten and full of ooh’s and aah’s by the designer’s unexpected, eclectic, easy breezy pieces. I really liked the mish mash of interesting textures – from chic tailored trousers and draped tops made from copper lamé, to chunky heavy Kate Moss style knits (ones that completely swamp your frame and cuddle you in a sea of chic effortless coziness). There was also a pretty awesome pair of mermaid style scaly sequined leggings I had my eye on too, very mythical in iridescent mother-of-pearl hues!

Mermaid-esque leggings!

Mermaid-esque leggings!




Full of arty eccentric statement pieces, nothing in this collection was predictable! Infact, I found it somewhat of an enigma. On the one hand, the metallic draped/embellished pieces are elegant, timeless and very wearable and I could see myself strolling around in a gallery in them.

Love these! Imagine with a plain chiffon khaki top, statement bronze necklace and nude heels!

Love these! Imagine with a plain chiffon khaki top, statement bronze necklace and nude heels!

On the flip side, however, it’s still very youthful, rebellious and unconventional with its rock band groupie grungy/chunky knits, heavy boots, mannish silhouettes and overall tribal edge. In conclusion, there’s something for everyone – whether you are a prim and proper Miss Moneypenny or a sparkly eyed wild child. Below is my illustrated interpretation of the collection along with some images of the launch. Enjoy!


isabael marant2col

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