Interview with my muse, Megan Hess

Megan Hess is one of my all time favorite fashion illustrators. Not only do her sketches exude sophistication but they represent a fantasy world that seduces me.




All her illustrated models are long limbed and elegant in an almost otherwordly way. They’re impeccably dressed in the latest Dior and Chanel couture with full lips, seductive feline eyes and exemplify all the glamour of the Golden Hollywood Era.

These illustrations aren’t just pretty pictures – they tell tales of luxurious lifestyles, much like a fashionable storybook would. Her models are often spotted nibbling on canapes at dinner parties with well dressed gentlemen in gigantic penthouses complete with intricate panoramic skylines behind them …heck, I wanna BE them.




I LOVE how blogging about art and fashion allows me to meet the most interesting people and this interview in particular was one of the highlights of my art blog. I had the pleasure of interviewing Australian based artist, Megan at the House of Bazaar this year at Mall of Emirates . Needless to say, I had a few questions I was burning to ask ….






Who are your favorite artists and is there any particular artistic style/movement you are drawn to?

I would have to say Erte is my all time favorite because he was such a revolutionary illustrator with this imaginative designs and intricate patterns. I really love Art Deco and the gorgeous designs and motifs.

Megan Hess is inspired by Erte and his imaginative designs

Megan Hess is inspired by Erte and his imaginative designs


Who are your favorite designers?

There are so many! Of course, I love Coco Chanel and Valentino but I also really love the Australian brand Zimmermann from Sydney.




You always love working with Mont Blanc fountain pens. Tell us more about this brand and why you are so drawn (pun intended) to it.

Mont Blanc is an amazing brand and my most precious possession by far is a custom Mont Blanc pen I affectionately call Monty, which I keep in a safe.

A few years ago Mont Blanc approached me and wanted me to use their pens in my illustrations. They came up with an idea of designing a special pen for me to use specifically for illustrating. They had me write and draw and various instruments and gadgets assessed my hand movements and drawing style. Eventually they came up with the perfect pen just for me and it was love at first line! I like it so much because it always gives me the perfect sweeping, artistic strokes.



Are you a fan of modern fashion trends and the concept of “laissez faire” effortless style or do you think people should make more of an effort to be glamorous like they did in the 50′s?

I love fashion in general, and the beauty of it is there are no rules. It’s entirely personal and subjective. I love it all, so I say do whatever makes you happy. As long as you are confident in your style and own it then that is what matters.


What are you reading these days?

I just finished a book called The Marshmallow Test by psychologist Walter Mischel. It’s a really interesting read about self control and how to master it.

What is your favorite fashion week?

I love them all, but I have to admit, I do have a soft spot for Paris Fashion Week. I adore haute couture!



And finally, what do you think of women in Dubai and their personal style?

I love it! I have illustrated the abaya many times and I really enjoy it because Emirati women carry themselves so beautifully and with such elegance and confidence. Dubai is such a perfect mix of East and West and the beauty of this city is that there is no “one” look because it is so diverse and multicultural. I love how women use colour here, particularly neons and how they are very flamboyant and gutsy with their style choices. I admire that!