Interview with Hesham Malik

It’s not everyday that the glamorous world of Bollywood and the exclusive world of fine art merge together to create something exciting, which is why art lovers in Dubai are surely in for a treat this month!

Kal'dorie (Children of The Stars) Mixed Media on Canvas Hesham Malik

Kal’dorie (Children of The Stars)
Mixed Media on Canvas
Hesham Malik

The famed British auctioneers Sotheby’s will be conducting their first ever art auction in Dubai on May 9, 2015 at the Royal Ballroom, One & Only Royal Mirage. A member of Dubai’s Ruling Family will be the Guest of Honor at this auction cum charity evening where 20 paintings by internationally acclaimed artist Hesham Malik will go under the hammer. The proceeds from the event will go towards the Rashid Pediatric Therapy Centre in Dubai.


To further enhance the glam quotient for the evening, Bollywood hunk Hrithik Roshan and veteran star Kabir Bedi will both be attending the event. These two stars will play a prominent role during the occasion where a collection of masterpieces titled Esparito (Spirit) by the Prague-based artist will be on display.

Born in Bahrain, Hesham has lived in India, Dubai, Canada and the Czech Republic among other places. His travels, experiences and interactions with different cultures often influence his work and he usually experiments a great deal with abstract art as well as creating his unique signature calligraphy.

Humility Of God.  Modern Arabic Calligraphy. Mixed Media On Canvas. 300 x 300 cm Hesham Malik

Humility Of God.
Modern Arabic Calligraphy.
Mixed Media On Canvas.
300 x 300 cm
Hesham Malik

He uses these genres and mediums to explore into other relevant themes which are deeper and relatable to many such as spirituality, art therapy and using art as a means to give back to the community . His projects have such a profound level of positivity and vitality that I found it really inspiring so I was keen to share his work on the blog.

* H Y P N O T I C * Mixed Media On Canavs. 150 x 100 CM Hesham Malik

* H Y P N O T I C *
Mixed Media On Canavs.
150 x 100 CM
Hesham Malik

I’m just bursting to see how his live work will turn out at the event! In the meantime, I interviewed him beforehand to find out more about his story and creative process.


Can you tell us more about your most memorable artistic experiences/exhibitions so far?

There are so many memorable experiences in my paintings and they are all deeply ingrained in my collective conscience. However, one of my recent paintings ‘Nirmala’ is an image of my grandmother which was a part of my last solo exhibit titled ‘Embellishment’. This image for me sums up the memories of my grandmother. She is placed on the clouds in the painting which is the present moment and below her in abstraction is the memory of countless people who’ve passed through her heart.
While the show was to be inaugurated by my grandma, she passed away few days before the opening.

Tranquil. Mixed Media on canvas. 150 x 100 cms Hesham Malik

Mixed Media on canvas.
150 x 100 cms
Hesham Malik

If you could have tea with three artists living or dead who would you choose and why?

If I was to choose I would choose three living artists to meet, I would like to meet Pranav, Ahmed and Ziad. I painted with these children at the Rashid Pediatric Center twice and they are painters I can relate to. They were advising me on how I could paint better, one even told me my brush stroke should always be in a particular direction and not all over the place. The children are innocent and at the same time smart and very creative. I look forward to spending time with them in the future.

What’s your latest exhibition about and what is new/special about this one?

Invisible Barriers Mixed Media  Hesham Malik

Invisible Barriers
Mixed Media
Hesham Malik

My latest exhibition is titled “Esparito” it is an ode to the ever-evolving spirit of life. They say that on a subtle level, we are all connected. Our spirits are connected… to each other, and to THE ONE…and when the spirit speaks, the spirit listens.

What is special about the exhibition are the children at Rashid pediatric Center. To me, these children are the reflection of true divinity. Through their unconditional affections and purity of spirit we’ll create imagery onto canvas that one rarely has a chance to miss.
My ode to them is Esparito – the universal spirit, which flows through us all!

I’m really looking forward to the exciting upcoming Sotheby’s exhibition! How does it feel to have your work featured in an auction with high profile Bollywood stars attending?

There are many paintings we hear or get told about, and are masterpieces. I am humbled and it’s an honor to be associated with the team involved in ‘Esparito’.

What projects and experiences have been memorable to you and why?

I ensure that I am associated with 4 charitable causes in a year. The most memorable ones are the ones in which I get a chance to paint with young children. One of the few memorable one is when I painted with children who had blurred vision. The positive energy among the children and the happiness they spread is unbelievable. Even painting with our seniors at old homes is an equally rewarding experience. The whole experience makes one want to be a part of them. I am blessed and hope I always get a chance to be a part of different charitable institutions like Rashid Pediatric Center.