Interview with Elle India

I was so thrilled to be included in Elle India’s July issue. The feature was all about women with creative careers in Dubai and included a whole assortment of fascinating people such as visual artists, jewellery designers and journalists. It was very inspiring to be amongst such talented people from all walks of life who are just out there and doing their thing!

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The photo shoot took place at Anantara Resort and Spa in Palm Jumeirah.

It felt like we were all chilling out on an exotic island somewhere in the Far East as the scenery was so breathtaking! The design aesthetic of the buildings were inspired by traditional Thai architecture. Very “The King and I.”


After we had settled in, we all got our hair and make up done by Bareface and stepped outside to channel our inner Gisele Bundchen!

Here are a few behind the scene shots of me with the very talented photographer, Greg Adamski. Pardon the grainyness! I was using my camera to capture the moment and these photos are from my instagram account.



looking pretty suspicious in this one.

looking pretty suspicious in this one.

This is how my segment in the feature turned out. I love how fresh, sharp and professional the final photograph looks. I do hope you like reading through it!

ELIND_201407 119

Elle India’s team have been amazing and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.