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Have you noticed that ever since the movie “Chef”, food trucks are all the rage in Dubai and casual stalls and trucks have been popping up a lot lately?

From dutch mini pancake stalls to fish n chips on the go, I’m loving this new relaxed, casual dining renaissance goin’ on. Its fun to switch it up now and then and makes a cooler, laid back change from your standard La Petite Maison brunch.

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Enter Salt – the name is simple, concise and generates a bit of mystery. Everyone and their Grandma has been positively raving about Salt.

“Have you tried Salt burgers? MAD good” they declare. I’ve been hearing positive reviews like that buzzing around on social media like a juicy game of chinese whispers. Being an avid and enthusiastic beef eater, I couldn’t wait to experience salt for myself.

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The name is based on the concept that the mineral substance of salt is simple and unpretentious, yet essential for enriching your culinary experience – after all, everyone needs a bit o’ salt.

Although thought of as a food truck, technically it’s more of a caravan as there’s no drivers seat or wheels – but all the same, the way it’s set up on the sun soaked sands of Kite Beach, it is indeed a charming novelty.

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The burgers are quite small in size, like sliders which I really liked as I feel overwhelmed by massive unappetizing portions. The menu is a very simple one – you have a choice between chicken or beef, cheese/regular fries and of course, some milkshakes for that all American 50s diner feel.

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I chose the beef ones (medium well done) and I loved it. the meat was perfectly cooked to my liking – slightly pink on the inside and while it was properly cooked, the meat wasn’t charred or tough at all; just melt-in-the mouth patties. Don’t even get me started on those BUNS!! Soft and buttery brioche buns that squidge bashfully as you hold them!! The sauce was quite unique too … I’m not sure exactly what it was – a little tangy, a little peppery, a little zesty and this added twang complimented the patties wonderfully.

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Intriguingly, one of their specialities was chicken burgers filled with …….

wait for it……


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I didn’t order it because it seemed too odd, but in hindsight, although it’s a zany and offbeat choice, Cheetos are cheese flavoured and crunchy so why WOULDN’T it taste amazing? I’m going back to try one of these concoctions soon!

Although Salt has some fabulous burgers, personally my heart still belongs to Jones the Grocer’s wagyu beef burgers with truffle sauce. Having said that, I loved the unique concept and the whole experience as well as the food! It’s a great, impromptu place for a fun, memorable and creative first date or just hanging out with friends.

We spent the the afternoon in the sun, lolling around on the beach, cheese fries in hand with the sand in between our toes and gritty salt in our hair from the ocean. We stayed there until we felt a cool, chilly breeze at sunset.





Salt has an instagram page, under the name @findsalt . Their restaurant is seasonal so get out there and quench the thirst for those beef hungry tastebuds, pronto.

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