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Ever since the 60′s, the use of girdles and similar shapewear has been shunned and shelved as unfashionable and restrictive BUT recently there’s been somewhat of an underground corset renaissance goin’ on.


With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba frequently sporting waist trainers to achieve their enviable curves, it’s once again become a hot topic!



Personally, I love the look of corsets! They’re romantic, ornate and have a vintage appeal. Another major advantage is they look good on absolutely EVERY shape!!!!



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Unfortunately, many brands on Ebay CLAIM they sell gorgeous “corsets” for a cheap price, but in reality, they end up saggy, puckered up and rather sorry looking cop outs from China.
In order to attain a TRUE blue corset that works, the fact is you get what you pay for. This is an investment and it’s no time to cut corners.

So ….. where DOES a gal find a corset that would make Dita Von Teese jealous in Dubai?? Why, House of Corsets of course!!!!

House of Corsets is an amazing new company that sells an impressive assortment of highly authentic and durable corsets and shapewear.


Ema Clifford (the brains behind the brand) is extremely knowledgable about waist training and is warm and very helpful to speak to. Her brand stocks both corsets and waist trainers. Waist trainers are sportier more modern shapewear …they are INSPIRED from the concept of corsets and are tight and made from latex. These are often used while working out and encourage you to sweat out all that fat. Over time, it compresses your waist into the desired shape. These are the very SAME ones celebrities often use.



For body modification purposes, Ema recommends opting for a traditional steel boned corset to wear under clothes. It’s a lot more old school!!!


Now, steel bones SOUNDS very unsafe, but rest assured, it really isn’t. Many of these misconceptions about damage to your organs are myths and exaggerations – it’s only unsafe if you take it to ABSOLUTE extremes and become obsessive!

Avoid too much too soon!!! Not recommended!!!

Avoid too much too soon!!! Not recommended!!!

When a beginner orders their first corset, Ema recommends that they “season” it first by sticking to a strict corseting schedule so their body gradually gets used to it over time. This ensures that the method is safe and Ema recommends listening to your body and taking it veryyyyy slow.


If this sounds like a lot of effort…it kind of is!!! The truth is, wearing corsets IS unpractical … in the very same way gorgeous Louboutins are … and both heels AND corsets require a certain level of discipline and persistence but the results are worth it in the end!

The steel bones ensure your posture is perfect, and allow you to breathe very comfortably while still pulling you ONLY at the waist. Plastic boned corsets sold on the internet, however, pull you in EVERYWHERE and give you a more cylindrical shape. As a result, the cheaply made knock offs can restrict your breathing. They also NEVER last for long, and over (no) time and under pressure, the plastic bones snap and break Ouch….not a good look!

Plastic effect on the right and real mcoy on the left

Plastic effect on the right and real deal on the left

I was very curious about the whole practice and have been flirting with tight lacing for a while on and off when the mood suits! Here are a few benefits I have noticed –

It corrected my posture and always kept my back straight and in check. It also reduced my appetite and stopped me from overreatin’ too many burritos at iftar … and last but not least, it gave me that Dita Von Teese slender waist INSTANTLY! (yay) Very useful for when you’re wearing something uber fitted – it’s kind of like spanx but way sexier and less frumpy!!! The BEST side effect was that over time, my measurements reduced – a whole TWO inches on my ribcage to be precise!!! I found that my stomach was also flatter and leaner too! Overall, I was very happy with the experience and would highly recommend it ! Two very lacy thumbs up from me!

Happy Chappy

Happy Chappy