Harvey Nichols vs Bloomingdales – Battle of the Boutiques


After Valentine’s day, many people feel a bit of a slump and experience a withdrawal in festivities.

After all, the glow of Christmas has passed, as has New Years and NOW all the romance of Valentine’s day has gone too. What IS there to look forward to now?


Catwalk shows, that’s what!!!!!

The Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales show just couldn’t have been timed better. Both scheduled at an otherwise rather uneventful tail end of February.

First up was Harvey Nichols, which was on the 17th and held at Medinat Jumeirah. The theme intrigued me as it was called “Light Up the Runway.”


I wondered what this meant…for isn’t a runway always lit up? I was curious about it, until I saw their gorgeous concept come to life.




Rather than the models just walking up and down a traditional runway, it was set up like just like a square and the models would walk from corner to corner and pose at different parts of the square– It looked like some kind of chic chessboard game that had come to life.

Then came the lights.


Light bulbs on invisible wire were slowly lowered down on the catwalk and the lights dimmed on and off throughout the show, giving the stage an ethereal otherworldly glow.

What I liked was how the lights always GRADUALLY dimmed and all at different times –it reminded me of the dancing lights of Aurora Borealis. Truly magical.


Check out the amazing couture and see for yourself!!!!


Screen shot 2014-03-05 at 12.26.41 AM

After the show, the staff cleared the stage, added tables and voila!!!! The catwalk had transformed into a party there! Within seconds, butlers were circulating the area passing around canapés and other delectable treats.


The Bloomingdales show was held on the 25th at DIFC, Gate Village.

It was held outdoors, making use of Dubai’s gloriously breezy weather we are having right now. As soon as we arrived, we noticed a red carpet and a photographer was eagerly papping away. Needless to say, we didn’t mind this one bit and channelled out inner Paris Hiltons!


What I really loved about this show was the way it had been cleverly set up!

Instead of having rows arranged traditionally, the whole catwalk was set up in a large circle around the iconic Gate monument, which was in the middle acting as a centerpiece. This made it one huuuuge circular catwalk and therefore only ONE row …making EVERYONE a front row guest!!! I really liked this idea! It was totally genius and very unique!



The clothes ranged from smart/casual ensembles, to quirky prints to gowns fit for Queen Rania.




I really enjoyed the after-party, too! It was honestly one of the BEST I have been to!


Partyin' with fellow art blogger Danna, of dannawrites.com

Partyin’ with fellow art blogger Danna, of dannawrites.com

And here’s a couple of illustrations I did of the Harvey Nichols and Bloomingdales show.

Bloomingdales illustration

Bloomingdales illustration

Harvey Nichols show

Harvey Nichols show

Both shows fare extremely well.. I loved the stage, atmosphere and overall set up of Harvey Nichols, and the outfits and after party of Bloomingdales.