Guess Fashion Show with Priyanka Chopra


I have a confession … normally, Bollywood doesn’t really thrill me.

However, Priyanka Chopra is an exception to the rule.

For starters, I like how her acting is very natural and not overdone. I find her eloquent and I loved her movie “Fashion.’ It’s an intriguing story about a supermodel’s rise to fame and riches and as a result, the corruption, arrogance, greed and overt flamboyance that follows.

Since I am a closet fan of hers, I was so pleased about receiving an invitation to an exclusive Guess fashion show held at Festival City. Priyanka Chopra is the new face of the brand so she was to be featured as a guest star at the show along with Paul Marciano, founder of Guess. I decided to bring one of my BFF’s, Monika along with me.


I was an hour early, and yet the beginning of a mob of die hard fans had started to congregate outside the store already. It was a small and intimate event and the air was full of anticipation. The runway looked romantic decorated with clusters of pink roses, carnations which were sandwiched between billowy panicles of baby’s breath.


Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 3.17.21 PM

Surprisingly, the starlet arrived on time, smiling warmly and sans diva sunglasses. She wore a flattering monochrome peplum top from the runway collection which showed off her famous enviable curves.


There was a stir of loud excited hubbub, cameras were flashing and an abundance of selfies were taken.

Ok I know she's wearing sunglasses HERE...but the point is ...she didn't keep them ON for the entire duration of the show!!!!!  haha!

Ok I know she’s wearing sunglasses HERE…but the point is …she didn’t keep them ON for the entire duration of the show!!!!! haha!


Now for the collection – It oozed Va Va Voom with sexy modern power-dresses and clever tailoring. The overall feel was urban , youthful and stylish. Of course, denim was prevalent and worn distressed and washed out in the form of jeans, skirts and jackets. There was a peek of animal print – but it was tastefully done in mostly monochrome.





Screen shot 2014-03-04 at 3.20.07 PM

Billowing chiffon tops had followed. My favorite piece from this collection is this painterly teal chiffon blazer. I just LOVE how colours appear to bleed into each other and how wearable it is. I’m coveting this one for sure.


favoriteb blazr

The cherry on top was this gorgeous maxi dress which floated down the runway like a vision. Paired with the model’s voluptuous waves she looked like a contemporary rendition of Botticelli’s Venus.



Lastly, here’s my close up illustration of Priyanka enjoying the show.