GAP event by Stylist Arabia

On the 4th of March, Stylist Arabia hosted a super fun event with GAP where shoppers had the option of customizing their own jeans. We are talkin’ rips, monograms, jewels, studs, appliques, buttons – you name it …the sky was the limit! You could also take your kids along and make hairbands and tiaras…or… just make a tiara for yourself because…why not?

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live DJ at the store

live DJ at the store

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Even though I practically live in jeans…I normally HATE shopping for them. For me, it’s a denim dilemma – they either tend to fit really well on my legs but tight on my hips OR really well on my hips but loose and saggy on my legs!!! That’s why I normally go for jeggings, but just like Brutus, they too betray me by gradually get looser and saggier. Et tu, jeggings??? #thestruggleisreal

My jean ordeal had a complete turnaround I discovered the new range of jeans from Gap. I got selected as one of their creative Style Influencers for the event, so I was asked to come and check out the new range. Given my love/hate history with jeans, I was skeptical at first but these were… well…. a revelation!!!! I was really impressed with the service at the store. I told them exactly what I was after and they found me the perfect soulmate pair. Basically I wanted the material to NOT bulky, a little stretch, flattering and sit slightly higher at the waist and hey presto they presented me with Revolution Jeans!!!


Once I pulled these babies on, they fit in all the right places – no unsightly love handles exposed…no sorry, saggy legs….just snug as a bug in a rug. The best part is that these retain their shape even after washing.

Hungry for more, I also got a pair of curiously named “Girlfriend” Jeans. They’re slouchy like their boyfriend counterparts except in a more subtle streamlined way – kinda like an easy fit. It gives you that same laissez faire vibe, without the extra sloppyness. P.S these cuffed ones look GREAT with some fancy dressy heels!


Here’s a fun tip which SHOULD be known to everyone – to ensure your size is always right – measure the (zipped up) waistband around your neck…the two sides should touch eachother perfectly for a correct fit. Yes you WILL look like a complete weirdo but oddly enough, it ALWAYS works for me.

I also got mine monogrammed at the back as well as a few subtle rips here and there. I’m quite nosey, so I loved looking at everyone else’s interpretations! Some cut them up to make hot pants with frayed edges while others spelled their name out in colorful fun lettering ala Punky Brewster.

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If you often face your own denim dilemmas like me, you should definitely sprint over to GAP to check out the new range!!! You’ll love the new colors and textures. They’re JEAN-IUS.

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