Float like a Butterfly, Stun like a bee.

I was always apprehensive about shopping online. You always hear about these horror stories on Buzzfeed about Chinese knock offs, unflattering fits and gross, static material.

You know what they say though – if the bitter ain’t bitter, the sweet ain’t as sweet. In other words, there are some GREAT treasures out there to discover in this world wide web of ours and don’t let the odd crappy item discourage your efforts! I’ve found AMAZING items in the most unlikely of places such as Souq.com, which is bizarrely great for luxurious, designer inspired heels.


While I was in Scotland, I came across Black Butterfly on ebay and loved their gorgeous prints. As usual, I was a little skeptical but ordered just one dress to test the waters – an adorable navy polka dot number!


It arrived very promptly and I was super pleased! After scanning the reviews, I ordered one size big for a comfortable fit, and it worked out perfectly. It was not too tight or loose and was very flattering for me. The area around the chest was generous and roomy and the fabric didn’t have a cheap, flimsy feel. It also doesn’t crease easily which is perfect for lazy people like me who like to throw things on and look put together! I also like the length – it’s not too short, which I prefer.

I ordered two more dresses and loved them just as much! This brand has now become my go-to label for when I am looking for something special and eye catching with a vintage flair.






It’s hard to decide, but I think I like the bright, cheerful, daisy dress the best. Perfect for Dubai humid days.



Although this cute, cotton one is perfect for a girly tea at Shakespeare!


I hope you check them to give them a whirl…followed by a twirl.