Favorite Sirens of All Time

So I’ve been meaning to illustrate my favorite movie sirens for a while now!  I have a huge obsession about sirens in general – mythological, legendary or real. Whether it’s Helen of Troy, Cleopatra, Sophia Loren or Jessica Rabbit –  I love observing a woman who has a deliberate air of presence, pizzaz and panache.  

Their air of mystery, their enticing strategies and the how they perfect the true art of captivating an audience is what draws me to them.  An ideal temptress should always have a cool-as-cucumber exterior with a slight peppering of implied mischievous inneundo but never vulgar – always a lady.  

This facination probably stemmed since high school from having being a bit of a shy wallflower myself when it came to the opposite sex.  Since then, I remember observing these women and thinking how great it would feel to just “own” it like they do, knowing with uttermost certainty that they are the prize and they are the ones who need to be impressed, sought after and pursued, not vice versa.  This delicate balance of feminine energy, power and sensuality is a subject I find most engaging, and I’m fully convinced that, single or taken, we all have our own temptress from within that we just need to make peace with and let out from time to time!!!!  

I’m sick to death of Audrey and Marilyn  - Don’t get me wrong, I love them, but I think they have more than enough spotlight and so I decided to illustrate and highlight the one’s that I feel don’t have nearly enough emphasis!!! 




Brigette Bardot 

French temptress Brigette Bardot is a favorite of mine. I love her effortlessly cool nautical French Riviera style, and the fact that she never looks like she has tried too hard. Her hair is always long, feminine and ever so slightly unkept and but in an alluring way – like she’s just gotten out of bed – but she’s almost impeccable in her imperfection.  Even though her style is quite casual – it’s never sloppy and always sexy in a subtle way, for example she wears off the shoulder tops frequently, showing off her collarbone thus inventing “the bardot” top.

She has a coquettish demenour – known for being an exhibitionist, frequently posing in nude photoshoots, it is very clear to me that she is comfortable in her own skin in an almost unapoligetic way.  Her brazen “take-it-or-leave-it, so what?” attitude is something that I love and wish more size 0 obsessed girls would take inspiration from.  You’d never catch the likes of Brigette obsessing in a mirror chewing her nails with self doubt and asking her friends if they think her jeans make her look fat or not.  Mais, non!!!! Jamais!!!!  




Veronica Lake 

My personal all-time favorite! Where do I start with this one?!  She just oozes allure from every pore. Her aura of mystery is something I love about her. In sharp contrast to Brigette, theres nothing effortless about this siren! Exquisite, sumptuous and well groomed she is effort and class all the way… right down to her smoothly coiffed peekaboo marcell wave hiding part of her eyes. A classic beauty, her sensual approach is less direct and not as aggressive as Brigette’s, but still just as effective.  

She has a dramatic flair in terms of style choices – figure hugging gowns that highlight her assets in a very vampy damsel-in-distress way.  Controlled and deliberate in her actions, she always leaves with her “prey” wanting more, and proves that you can still entice people just as effectivley whilst leaving a little something to the imagination.  





The one and only 60′s iconic supermodel!  Unique, quirky and unconventional – Twiggy proves that you can still dare to be different but be just as appealing if you have enough confidence to own it. With her short pixie cut hair and big doe eyes paired with mod style mini dresses I feel like she embodies the free spirited carefree woman of the 1960s.  I like how she thwarts  the idea of mainstream beauty and creates something that is entirely her own, thus making her unforgettable. As for style –  ain’t nobody can carry off prints like Twiggy can!  She is not afraid to be herself and is arty, vivacious and definetley has a cool edgy aura which makes her a siren in her own right. She has this je-ne-sais-quoi quality about her and I would imagine her spontaneous unconventional style would rock any man’s world, and ofcourse, like the other sirens, she knows this too and isn’t afraid to use it to her advantage!

In an ideal world I would love to obtain Brigette’s confidence and attitude, Veronica’s sultry and mysterious nature and Twiggy’s individuality and ability to have an unforgettable impression.  What are your favorite sirens? Who do you identify with??  Would love to hear your thoughts below …