Fashion Forward SS17

I love Fashion Forward but I have to say – this year was my favorite!

It was a bit more special for me because I got to bring my soon to be husband Salman into my fashion world. He was a bit bewildered, much like a deer in headlights with the standard 2 hour queue for Amato’s show but other than that he quite enjoyed it.




Here are a few highlights, illustrations and details of what I wore.

Lets start with some jaunty, nautical menswear shall we? Inspired by the beauty of the ocean, Varoin Marwah translated waves into geometrical form with his chevron patterns. A little ahoy for your boy, so to speak.




Local Emirati designer Zareena took inspiration from her childhood dreams of princesses and enchantment encompassed in chiffon, georgette and hand embroidery. I’m usually a huge fan of her fabulous work, but this particular color palette and embroidery was a tad insipid and muted for me – just my personal taste. The fabric DID look great sashaying down the runway, though.




I LOVEEEEEE Hussein Bazaza’s FABRICS so much and this season he didn’t disappoint. This collection had a sombre and grungy flavor for his mens fabrics but what really stood out for me were the ballgowns with the eye-catching lace.


For instance, don’t you just LOVE the iridescent oyster-like shimmery fabric on the bottom of this skirt?!


DON’T YOU LOVE IT?!?!?!?!?!? (sorry.. I’m a bit enthuiastic about this – I just really want to wear it and I’m emotional.) Let’s take a closer look at another skirt and appreciate the fabric again…breathe in all that gorgeous, modern appliqué lace.


Next up is my soul sister – I say that because she’s very artistic and has a cohesive, sophisticated sense of color which I really appreciate. All of Zena Presley’s pieces would turn heads. I love the complementary orange and blue sorbet shades and watercolor-like abstract prints.




The Ezra show was my FAVORITE – as usual. Every season, the couture is just so magnificent and breathtaking. All the models just look like art. The solihiya weave is an old and famous weaving pattern in the Philippines that is commonly applied on the seats and seat backs of dining and rocking chairs. The designer introduced this traditional method into couture this season. The results were spectacular!

Picture this: I was sitting next to Salman, CLUTCHING and shaking his arm during the show frantically going “LOOK…LOOK …LOOK!!!! when I saw those glistening, stunning masterpieces coming down the runway. Honestly, no one does beauty like Ezra. His couture shows are just like ballet – they just MOVE me. For instance, look at this one – isn’t it just so Black Swan?




Remember this scene when Casper says to Christina Ricci “Can I keep you?” I uttered those very words to THIS jacket at the runway show …




I know how you feel, Casper.

Now onto illustrations – here are a couple I did of a few of my favorite shows. I’m sure you saw these on Instagram.




For the Ezra show, I wore my new Rapunzel on the Burj jacket which I designed and illustrated. It’s not available to buy yet and i’m still deciding on silhouettes and a bit of tweaking but here is a sneak peak of the print!


Forget the prince; I’m sure if Rapunzel would find a way of getting out of the Burj for this season of FFWD. It really was the stuff of fairytales.


All FFWD runway photographs taken by:
Stuart Wilson, Ian Gavan and Cedric Ribeiro courtesy of Getty images