DIFC Art Night March 2014


So here we are … on the BRINK of Art Week 2014. Can’t you just FEEL the energy in the air?!

Once again, Al Serkal and DIFC decided to have their art nights on the same night!!! Curses!!!

Can I just take a moment to rant …

WHY do you DO this to us?! WHY do you make us choose?
Al Serkal …you are so spacious, trendy, relaxing, sophisticated, clean and classic.

And as for YOU, DIFC…you are no less with your chaotic energy, your glamazons, canapés, live art, music and yuppie handsome men (ofcourse I had my eyes firmly focused on the art but .. c’mon It’s hard NOT to notice them) ;)

So basically … If I had to sum up the aura of these two important hubs, I would say that Al Serkal is Jackie O and DIFC is Marilyn Monroe.


It was a toughie but this time I decided to go with DIFC, even though (just like the actresses) they are both awesome – each with their own charm.

As expected, DIFC Art Nights was PACKED. A live band played in the background, lending an air of joviality.


You know me … I’m a major canapé cruncher and so of course I made a beeline towards the food, which was prepared by the Ritz Carlton. I had warm beef potato fritters with a dusting of truffle on the top.


Uh-oh… I’m in truffle now…. (Geddit???)

I dunno if a  spoonful of goat's cheese helps the medicine go down..but it IS certainly is delightful.

I dunno if a spoonful of goat’s cheese helps the medicine go down..but it IS certainly is delightful.

Dessert was as yummy as it looked.


Now for the art – although I arrived late, there was still some interesting live art going on including a 3D pavement chalk drawing and graffiti art. Amazing stuff!


Further up on the right side corner, there were various artists and photographers exhibiting and selling their artwork.



Close by …there were some beautiful, regionally inspired jewellery designs for sale. Being the magpie that I am, I had to have a little nosey. Those are some mighty pretty baubles!




Here are some of my favorite pieces from Opera Gallery.




And over at Cuadro gallery, a very informative presentation caught my eye entitled “Crash” by Manal Al Dowayan about the alarming rising numbers of Saudi women that are critically injured or die in car crashes due to the combination of low pay, the driving ban and unsafe roads in Saudi Arabia. Al Dowayan has collected clippings, photographs and statistics and the artist asks us “How do you mourn if the suffering has no face and no name?”


Sheena’s choices for the evening were these beautiful, saturated, calligraphy pieces by critically acclaimed Emirati artist Abdul Qader Al Rais.


I had to agree with her taste. Just look at his stunning use of colour. These paintings are unlike any calligraphy painting I’ve ever seen, and you can spot his style from a mile off!



Meanwhile in Art Sawa – an extremely upbeat and cheerful solo show by Robert Hammond who combines materials like painted stainless steel and acrylic. His exhibition was aptly entitled “Happy Lucky.” In the cynical world that we live in, at first I thought the artist was being satirical or ironic …but it turns out …his tone really IS happy. A refreshing change! Love his work!



Some images from Abdulnasser Gharem’s solo show “The Awakening” at Ayyam Gallery.



Over here we have Khaled Zaki’s beautiful spiritual looking sculptures at Art Space. Artefacts from Ancient Egypt inspire the artist and I find that his pieces appear so placid and serene. I love their expressions captured in bronze and marble. The large dervish in particular is mesmerising.




Last but not least, Cube Arts gallery highlights a cubist inspired style born in Saudi Arabia since the 1950’s. They showcase how the various artists matured and developed as well as how the cubist movement spread as time went on within the region.



What a LONG post!!!! But then again, there was SO much to cover. It’s now 3 am and I shall retreat to my bed, to wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed for Art Dubai!

Sheena and I

Sheena and I