Chocol'art: The Aftermath

Chocol’art, a Dubai fundraiser combining chocolate and art took place on Friday 30th March, and the night was an absolute success!

Photographer: Kenneth Sagar

Photographer:Kenneth Sagar

An abundance of Dubai glamazons and art enthuisiasts attended Emirates Towers terrace last week admiring the artwork and soaking up the creative buzz.

Over 40 original artworks were displayed at the event, including live graffiti artists working on site during the evening.

Chocol’art was catered by Shakespeare and Co along with other popular chocolatiers and bakeries taking part such as Project Cupcake, Swiss-based Lindt chocolate and Kitsch Cupcakes.

Shakespeare & Co booth Photographer:FishFayce

Project Cupcake Photographer:FishFayce

In addition to the art and food, live entertainment was provided with performers dressing up as characters such as Marlyn Monroe and Willy Wonka. Dubai radio personality Simone Heng hosted the event by interviewing designers, artists and the organisers of Chocol’art, giving a platform for people to talk about their works and awareness about the Make-a-Wish foundation.

Guests were encouraged interact and be part of the event by posing for photographs alongside their favorite “movie stars”, “wishing on stars” by writing down wishes on paper stars stuck on the wall and getting make-overs done at the Sephora Middle east booth.

Sephora make up booth at Chocol'art. Photographer:Fishfayce

Live performer at Chocol'art. Photographer: Kenneth Sagar

It was a fabulous experience and I shared my gallery wall with another Dubai based illustrator and graphic designer Karine Shami. Karine specialises in digital art and has a very edgy contemporary style that I could totally see on album covers! Here is a close up of the work she exhibited, which was inspired by the movie “The Wall” and Pink Floyd.

The Wall inspired illustrations Artist: Karine Shami. Photographer: Kenneth Sagar

There were so many creative pieces out there that it is very difficult to narrow down the best but here are some of my personal favorites. Firstly I loved this whimsical candy bowl bed complete with smarties-inspired cushions by designer Maria Iqbal. I thought this piece of furniture was really colourful, creative and fun – perfect for when you are having a depressing day and you just want to retreat – why not bury yourself under rainbow coloured candy cushions until the day passes? I loved how she decorated her space with a trippy looking mural and giant lollipops! Amazing!

Candy Bed by Maria Iqbal Photographer: Kenneth Sagar

Polka Dot Cat auctioned off a beautiful english rose style tea dress inspired by the Garden of Eram – The designer Rana Jamshed and boutique Alison and Marie shared a space and decorated it beautifully with giant roses and a sassy looking silhouette of a black cat. The space contained actual grass making it appear like a garden tea party.

Designer Rana Jamshed with Radio Presenter Simone Heng. Photographer: Kenneth Sagar

The tables were adorned with chic tasteful lace where the crystallized Alison and Marie clutches were displayed.

Alison and Marie’s theme was from the film “Easter Parade” so it was all about pastels,feminine details, bows and embellishments. As well as clutch purses they also collaborated with me to make illustrated t shirts based on this theme.

Easter Parade themed Clutch purses and T shirts. Designer:Alison and Marie Photographer: FishFayce

Alison and Marie embellished clutch purses photographer: Fishfayce

Easter Parade and Dior illustrated t shirts. Designer: Alison and Marie. Illustrator:Sara Japanwalla. Photographer: Kenneth Sagar

Artist Jennifer Stelco used an array of colourful chocolate wrappers to create innovative collage portraits of movie stars. Here is one of Charlie Chaplin entitled “Chocolate Charlie”. I checked out Jennifer’s work on facebook – extremley cool stuff – her colourful expressionistic style reminds me of one of my favorite artists Leonid Afremov.

Title:Chocolate Charlie Artist:Jennifer Stelco Photographer:Fishfayce

Live painting at Chocol'art. Photographer: Fishfayce

Lastly this is a close up of my collection of illustrations, which was based on movie star glamour. I’m happy to report that all five of the pieces were auctioned off that night – the most popular being the Dior illustration of a model on the runway.

Movie Star Glamour illustrations Artist:Sara Japanwalla. Photographer:Kenneth Sagar

Fashion Illustrations by Sara Japanwalla Photographer:Kenneth Sagar

In conclusion, Chocol’art turned out to be an amazing night which satisfied all senses – not only your eyes with the breathtaking pieces but not forgetting your tastebuds too … gastonimically speaking!