Burger and Lobster

When I was thirteen or so, my family and I took a trip to Boston and we drove around Cape Cod all summer, exploring the picturesque coastal towns and soaking up the salty sea air.

It was there that I fell in love with traditional Maine lobster rolls. It’s a sandwich filled to the brim with lobster meat, soaked in butter and served on a steamed hot dog bun.

It’s a perfect, no fuss, classic sammich that is juuust a little bit fancy.


Since that trip, I was hooked. My enthrallment wasn’t just chalked down to nostalgia – when done right, this sandwich is incredible. It’s actually quite difficult to find a decent roll that is authentic. Believe me – I’ve Goldilocked my way from chain to chain, sampling various underwhelming rolls. “This sandwich is too creamy. Too fishy… too tangy. ” etc. I had yet to find one that was JUST right.

When I perused the photos of London based Burger and Lobster on my Instagram feed, I was intrigued. They had just opened in Dubai and I knew I had to give it a try!




Burger & Lobster was founded in 2011 and the concept was all about going back to basics and offering just a FEW popular dishes that were prepared exceptionally by craftsmen.

The popular chain is synonymous with excellence. These guys aren’t ones for scrimping and only use corn fed Nebraskan premium steak for the beef. And the lobsters? They are very well traveled ones alllll the way from Nova Scotia. Their restaurants are located in various cities across UK as well as New York, Stockholm and Kuwait.


With such an impressive resume, perhaps THIS lobster roll could be The One? I decided to pay a visit with my fiancee, Salman. He ordered the burger and I, of course ordered the lobster roll.



The Japanese have a saying that you eat with your eyes first so, take a moment to feast your eyes on THIS baby because seeing is believing.


Here’s another money shot, right here.


The lobster pieces were plentiful, meaty, and were properly coated yet not DRENCHED in a rich, decadent mayonnaise which was ever so SLIGHTLY zesty. The bread was not a traditional hot dog bun, but more like a toastie. Frankly, I don’t mind as long as it is buttery AF, which it was. So, how did it fare? As goldilocks would say ..”just right”

Salman decided to tackle the burger and he was equally impressed. He complimented the quality of the beef. It was a thick patty, perfectly pink in the middle and well cooked. This sandwich had all the “goods.” Tomato – check. American melty cheese – double check. All of this was sitting on a crunchy bed of chopped iceberg lettuce and offset perfectly with caramelized onions.



The size was great – big enough to satisfy yet not overwhelming. Yep. Two happy (and very full) bunnies.

Not TOO full to try the desert, though! We finished off the meal by sharing a tres leches cake – it’s a Spanish sponge cake made from a mixture of three milks: evaporated milk, sweetened condensed milk, and heavy cream. It’s quite a contradiction – despite the milk, the cake is light and airy yet the right amount of moist richness. It had this caramel twang that was to DIE for. I would come back just for this.


Here we are with with our new buddy – the lobster. Don’t worry … we didn’t execute him by selecting him for lunch. This is just to show the SIZE of these guys. The staff told us big lobsters like these are perfect for a large (hungry) group.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 6.30.51 PM

Check out this gem of a restaurant Burj Daman Building, 312 Al Sa’ada St. We give it two claws up!